Captain C.A. HOOD, 140th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, POW, 1940

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    Thanks for posting that info Hen.

    Regards - Rob
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    Captain Cecil Arthur Hood, RA

    Joined 'A' Battery, HAC as a Gunner in 1923 (At the time he was living at 7 Lingfield Avenue, Kingston-on-Thames)
    By 1939 he was a Warrant Officer II in 'A' Battery, HAC
    Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, RA TA on 23 August 1939 and mobilized the same day.
    Promoted Lieutenant, RA TA on 24 August 1939
    In September 1939 he was serving with 140th Field Regiment, RA TA
    Appointed Acting Captain, RA TA on 14 September 1939
    140th Army Field Regiment, RA TA served in Home Forces from September 1939 to November 1939
    Appointed Adjutant, 140 Field Regiment, RA TA on 15 October 1939
    In November 1939 140th Field Regiment, RA TA joined the BEF
    Appointed Temporary Captain, RA TA on 15 December 1939
    On 6 March 1940, 140th Field Regiment, RA TA embarked for France
    140th Field Regiment, RA TA was at Wannehain on the Escaut under 42nd Division on 20 May 1940 and suffered several casualties and three guns of 366th Battery were knocked out by shell fire.
    At Cassel 140th Field Regiment, RA TA was grouped with 5th Regiment, RHA and 27 May it was surrounded by the enemy. Its 18-pounders did great execution. By 1800 hours enemy tanks closed in for the kill. The regiment destroyed five enemy tanks but the enemy was able to enter Cassel. The CO of the Regiment, Lt. Col. T. F. K. Howard, ordered the Regiment to hold on until last light and then destroy all equipment and escape individually. By 30 May 1940 almost half of the personnel of the Regiment had been captured or killed. Only 14 officers and 287 men of the Regiment (out of a total of 700) got back to England to reform the Regiment.
    Promoted to Captain, RA TA on 11 April 1945
    In 1946 he was a Veteran Member of 'A' Battery, HAC and at the time lived at Danebury, Steeles Lane, Oxshott, Surrey and 39 Cornhill, London EC 3
    Promoted to Major, RA TA on 12 January 1949
    Became Major, Territorial Army Reserve of Officers on 12 August 1952
    On 9 May 1956 he exceeded the age limit and ceased to belong to the TA Reserve of Officers and was granted the honourary rank of Major

    Sources: History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: The Years of Defeat 1939-41; War Diary of 140th Field Regiment, RA; H.A.C. Annual List of Members, etc. 1925-1926; H.A.C. Annual List of Members, etc. 1946; The Monthly Army List (Security Edition), September, 1939; various Army Lists; The London Gazette.

    Regards, Dick Floty
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    HI guys

    I am new to this forum because I am doing some research on behalf of a new friend of mine. His name is mentioned in the entry above...Norman Tubby Leyton. He is now 98 years young, living in my Marlow, opposite my girlfriend.

    I was amazed to find the records that youhave got here and Tommy Hood was one of his friends at when he was the HAC and in the bag in germany. He would love tofind out more about his fellows officers from the war in particular Tommy Hood and Col Will Odling. I hope someone can help.

    Mark Casey
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    Oh my goodness!
    I would love to meet him and take my Father in Law - is he in good health?
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    Hen, Norman Is in rude health! let me speak to him later and perhaps we can arrange a meet up. Where do you live? Anywhere local?

    You can email me directly on UKcasey52 (at)


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    This is great to read.
    If you do manage to get them both in contact, it'd be lovely if you would post a small update here.

    Best of luck
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    Hi. My name is Steve Hood grandson of C A Hood. I served with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves early 80s. I have great interest in my dad’s and my grandfather’s military history. Thanks for the opportunity to review these comments/documents. Hen has done some great work also.
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    Steve, I'm sure you will have already seen this, 140th (5th London) Army Field Regiment, Royal Artillery – Their story between the 10th and 31st May 1940. It's being updated all the time as more and more information arrives. What brave men the 140th Rgt. were, holding Cassel and forcing the German Panzers to hesitate before advancing through the Cassel/Hazebouke gap onto the main roads into Dunkirk probably saved the BEF from complete disaster.
    Regards John
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    Dear All
    Just an update to let you know we will be visiting Cassel on the 80th Anniversary with John West and a growing number of relatives of 140th.
    Thanks to all who helped out back in 2011 - I wouldn’t have got to where we have without your help - especially Rob!

    I now know that 14 members of 1 Corps were HAC: Hood, Hackett, Baxter, May, Mackay, Booth, Strachan, Leaman, Baird, Cook, Fitch, Budd, Bennett and Beale. I am going to contact HAC to see if there is more in their archive which hasn’t gone to Kew.

    All best
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    Wishing you well for that trip, super result for your research efforts. (And of course, expecting a few photos of the event if possible.)
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    Thank you - or course we will send pictures!

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