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Discussion in 'War Grave Photographs' started by AB64, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. AB64

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    I'm planning visiting early next month, if anyone requires any photos add a note and I'll see what I can do.


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  2. Owen

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  3. AB64

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    As mentioned on the Syracuse thread, the offer still stands if anyone wants a slightly newer photo, or even just to know that someone has stopped by an individuals grave for a couple of minutes to pass on their respects.

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  4. Mr Jinks

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    Morning Alistair,
    An updated version of these if possible please ,the top/bottoms are missing on the photo site Owen kindly posted .thank you.
    Rank: Private
    Service No:4539686
    Date of Death:17/07/1943
    Regiment/Service Durham Light Infantry 9th Bn.
    Grave Reference:III. B. 14.
    Additional Information:Son of John Charles and Emily Andrews, of York.

    Rank:Lance Serjeant
    Service No:4533198
    Date of Death:17/07/1943
    Regiment/Service Durham Light Infantry 6th Bn.
    Grave Reference:III. D. 5.

    Service No:4079715
    Date of Death:16/07/1943
    Regiment/Service Durham Light Infantry 9th Bn.
    Grave Reference:III. D. 10.
    Additional Information:Son of Frederick Augustus Copleston and Sarah Jane Copleston, of Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire.

    The soldier above Pte John Henry Copleston`s grave was visited by his parents after the war (c/o DLI 1920-46)
    DLI jack coplestone parents fred augustine and sarah jane jones.jpg

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  5. adbw

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    Hi Alistair

    A photo and nod to Lt. Robert Lindsay (I.B.45) would be very much appreciated. He was with the 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers and a cousin of ours, fondly remembered by my mother, who was 8 or 9 years old at the time when he and his brother, Jonathan (Jack), were at the OCTU. He was killed near Lentini on 18 July 1943 (aged 30).

    There’s the following account of how he died in The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers 1919-1959 by Colonel J. C. Kemp, M.C.:

    “On July 17th the Fusiliers moved at one hour’s notice northeastwards to Villasamundo, and on July 18 took up a defensive position north of Lentini. This proved an eventful day. At 2 p.m. two civilians were arrested wearing parachutists’ equipment, and since airborne landings were known to be part of the German technique of delaying tactics the men were escorted to Brigade Headquarters for interrogation. An hour later misfortune overtook the Scots Fusiliers when an outbreak of fire destroyed 29 vehicles of the Battalion transport, a major disaster resulting in the death of an officer. The transport was camouflaged with netting and parked in a wood near Lentini. Grass and undergrowth were tinder-dry and no fires nor smoking were permitted. By some mischance the grass suddenly burst into flame, the netting caught fire and trucks and lorries began to burn. Tremendous efforts were made by the drivers to extricate the vehicles and Lieutenant R. Lindsay went to help them. An ammunition truck exploded at that moment and he was struck by flying fragments and killed. Colonel Maclnnes and his second-in-Command, Major J. H. Duncan, were slightly injured. Part of the next day was spent in reorganising transport loads, and in the evening the Battalion moved north again to link up with the 15th Brigade, which had maintained contact with the enemy since the capture of Syracuse”.

    Very sadly, his brother, Jack, had died of wounds a couple of months before on 1 May 1943 in Tunisia. He was a Lieutenant with the 6th Bn Black Watch and is buried in the cemetery at Medjez El Bab.

    Thanks very much
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  6. temptage

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    I would appreciate it if you could get a high resolution photo of the headstone for Private Kenneth Shardlow of the Green Howards who is buried in Plot IV. A. 10.

    This is Kenneth

    Shardlow, Kenneth - face.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  7. AB64

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    I’ll be heading out shortly so any late requests please add.
  8. AB64

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    Got the photos OK, will post in just over a week. On entering the cemetery you are greeted by a lot of DLI lads, they certainly had a tough time round there.

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  9. adbw

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    Thanks very much, Alistair - it's very good of you. Look forward to seeing the pictures in a week or so.

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