Cavalry mechanisation - MA thesis

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    Just like to point out the information presented on p 36-37 of Wallace's MA Thesis regarding the 15/19 KRH is over simplified. 15/19 KRH were also not defending Assche on 18 May. Assche was already in German hands, (AA 19), when A Squadron entered the town. The VA 19 ID, VA 30 ID and VA 56 ID had already outflanked 15/19 KRH early in the morning of 18 May. There were numerous reasons for the defeat of 15/19 KRH on 18 May. The successful German advances against Belgian forces defending the Willebroeck Canal on the northern flank of 15/19 KRH and the establishment of bridgeheads on the western canal banks at Cappelle au Bois and Humbeek/T’Sas on 17 May triggered a series of events that lead to defeat.
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    Also of note is Wallace's assertion that B Squadron was mauled while attempting to enter Leuvenstraat. B Squadron did not get near Leuvenstraat and lost one AFV at Brusselbaan. The remainder of B Squadron was lost during a series of engagements, (Hekelgem, Teralphene and the woods north of Caudenberg), while being lead in a less than efficient manner toward the east by Maj. Hinde, 2IC of 15/19 KRH.
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    Sam Wallace won the Society for Army Historical Research's Undergraduate essay prize three years ago and was a worthy winner (I was/am on the judging panel); Roger Salmon's book is his PhD thesis from Wolverhampton (we overlapped). Major Hinde was the notorious (?) "Looney" Hinde later of 22nd Armoured Brigade at Villers Bocage.
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