Cemetery / headstone photographs taken in France & England - April 2018

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  1. DaveB

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    Speaking of being frustrated - I tried to get photos from the two memorials mentioned above.

    2 names on the La Ferte sous Jouarre Memorial - Panel 9 JOHNSON, THOMAS MORTON Lincolnshire Regiment & TOWL, GEORGE Lincolnshire Regiment

    3 names on the Soissons Memorial - Stone 6 BROWN, WILLIAM ROBERT Lincolnshire Regiment / Stone 21 CHANTRY, SIDNEY Sherwood Foresters / Stone 21 BARRETT, THOMAS REDMOND Sherwood Foresters

    Attached is my photo from La Ferte sous Jouarre - for reference the required names are just behind the work platform. No mention of the works under way on the CWGC site - not that it would have mattered as I'm not very good at pre-planning.


    Then there was the Soissons memorial - I didn't check it out until I got there and I was not impressed. Maybe I should research stuff in advance.

    For security reasons, the gates to the Soissons Memorial are permanently locked. Access can be gained via a digital security code which must be entered into the lock on the gate. The access code can be obtained by contacting the France Area Office of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on the telephone number below, between the following hours: Monday - Thursday: 08:30 to 16:30 Friday: 08:30 to 16:00 Saturday and Sunday: Office Closed. Telephone: +33 (0)321217700 All visits outside the times stated above and during French national holidays must be made by prior arrangement with the France Area Office.

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  2. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Im sorry about the one at Soissons. I wasnt aware that security gates had been erected around it. It must have only happened in the last couple of years as I was sent this photo in 2016

    france & Belgium March 06 026.jpg

    Typical that the other one was having remedial work done to it, and that the names were hidden, although there is nothing on the CWGC website about ongoing work. Not to worry Dave. Thanks for trying anyway. It was all going so well with the Cemeteries and then I throw a couple of Memorials in there for good measure and BOOM.......
  3. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    I updated my previous post.

    In other news I am now in London and trying to plot out my movements for the next couple of weeks.

    Regarding the photos I took in France the best thing would be a PM to provide me with your postal address and I will copy everything onto a USB stick and mail it to you. I am still sorting out the 100s & 100s of photos I took and as soon as that is done I will get a copy made of the stuff you are interested in.
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  4. CL1

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    Dave have a good time in Blighty

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  5. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    "Regarding the photos I took in France the best thing would be a PM to provide me with your postal address and I will copy everything onto a USB stick and mail it to you"

    Best thing is to send them to me for free using WeTransfer. 2gb of files (thats a LOT of photos) per email and i have a week to retrieve them. Just need my email address, your email address and then upload the files. Ive used it for years now
  6. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member


    That looks pretty simple, I suppose all I need is your email address then.

    I have just finished putting everything into folders etc. The stats so far are that I took just over 1000 cemetery photos across 71 separate sites for about 4.3 Gb of file space - photos from your requested sites will be 1.6 Gb of that data

    Taking into account visits to various other museums etc is another 1200 photos / 4+ Gb
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  7. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Now THATS a road trip!

    I will send my email by PM
  8. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Hi Paul - I am starting to look at what to do this weekend and I'm not making any promises but I might be able to pay your sites a visit - I think that I have enough detail on the requirements for those two sites.

    I also hope to knock over some of the other requests from Tony - Runnymede Memorial & Brookwood Memorial plus South coast - Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton and Lee-on-Solent Memorial about 15 miles up the road.

  9. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    I have your 2 Brookwood in 3.8mb if it saves Dave a visit there
  10. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Now I'm confused - how do you know which names are needed in Brookwood - I haven't seen any details as yet.
  11. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Dave, its called magic lol
  12. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Hi Paul - Here is the first photo that you want, I have shrunk it a bit to fit onto the forum. I took a few more shots, so if you want more let me know and I will arrange a transfer of files across to you.

    FLEET CEMETERY Hampshire

    Lieutenant DAVID CHARLES WITHERS Sec. C. Grave 79 - 43rd Reconnaissance Regt

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  13. Recce_Mitch

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    Dave, Thanks for getting photo for me it is much appreciated. Of course I'm interested in your other shots.

  14. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Cheers Paul - here is the photo of the other chap


    Craftsman MAURICE MATTHEWS Western Div. 3. Grave 9 - 53rd Regt Reconnaissance Corps

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  15. Recce_Mitch

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    Dave Thanks again, the photo is much appreciated.

  16. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Thanks for everything you have done for me Dave. Just saying thanks doesn't seem enough somehow.

    Now, can you just nip back to Strasbourg as I have just noticed that I have 2 crap photos from Cronenbourg French National Cemetery. Come on, hop to it!!!
  17. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    I am going to list names on the gravestones etc that I photographed in various French (& UK) cemeteries in case one day someone does an internet search for them they might find this thread and know that I have photos that they may want:

    LAON (ST. JUST) COMMUNAL CEMETERY - the graves of nine airmen who fell during WW2 are at the bottom of the slope, near the western corner of the cemetery
    Seven RAF, and one each to the RCAF and RNZAF

    Flight Sergeant VICTOR CARRILINE RAF 630417 of 149 SQN
    Pilot Officer ARNOLD FOSTER CHEETHAM RAF 103550 of 149 SQN
    Flight Sergeant EDWARD ARTHUR HARRISON RAF 1129675 of 90 SQN
    Flight Sergeant FRANCIS DEREK JAGO RAF 742695 of 149 SQN
    Pilot Officer PATRICK HENRY FRANCIS WILLIAM LELAND Royal New Zealand Air Force 403965 of 115 (RAF) SQN
    Flying Officer KENNETH WILLIAM BYRON MOODIE Royal Canadian Air Force J/1211 of 149 (RAF) SQN
    Sergeant FREDERICK BERTRAM POMEROY RAF 1152526 of 149 SQN
    Flight Sergeant JAMES ARTHUR SHAW RAF 968972 of 149 SQN
    Sergeant BASIL ERNEST SMITH RAF 569626 of 149 SQN

    AUGER ST. VINCENT COMMUNAL CEMETERY - contains the graves of 6 airmen - 4 RAF and 2 RCAF)

    Flying Officer ALBERT HENRY JAMES BEGERNIE RAF 149515 of 619 SQN
    Flight Sergeant WILLIAM SIDNEY ATKINSON BIRKS Royal Canadian Air Force R/ 193025 of 619 (RAF) SQN
    Sergeant FREDERICK CHARLES BRIGHT RAF 1875531 of 619 SQN
    Sergeant JACK GEDDES Royal Canadian Air Force R/209156 of 619 (RAF) SQN
    Sergeant WILLIAM FREDERICK HINETT RAF 1235097 of 619 SQN
    Sergeant ARNOLD MARPER RAF 1581034 of 619 SQN
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  18. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    VIROFLAY NEW COMMUNAL CEMETERY - contains over 70 WW2 casualties (Viroflay is a small town 4 kilometres east of Versailles)

    Pilot Officer JOHN DALRYMPLE ANDERSON RAF 68813 of 76 SQN
    Pilot Officer WALTER LYNWOOD ARKSEY Royal Canadian Air Force J/89952 of 460 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Sergeant JAMES EDWARD ARMSTRONG Royal Australian Air Force 423610 of
    Flight Sergeant BERNARD GEORGE PAYN BALLEINE Royal Australian Air Force 407280 of
    Warrant Officer Class II JOHN BELL Royal Sussex Regiment 6391060 of 7th Bn.
    Flight Lieutenant THOMAS HARRISON BOURKE Royal Australian Air Force 407192 of
    Pilot Officer NORMAN HAMILTON BOWACK RAF 107922 of 76 SQN
    Flying Officer ALICK RONALD BRADLEY Royal Australian Air Force 423050 of
    Sergeant DEREK MALCOLM BRANDRICK RAF 1578489 of 90 SQN
    Sergeant EDWARD RAYMOND BRAY RAF 1582655 of 90 SQN
    Sergeant FREDERICK GEORGE BROWN RAF 944101 of 156 SQN
    Sergeant WILLIAM BROWN RAF 532296 of 76 SQN
    Flight Sergeant CHARLES HENRY CANNON RAF 1394438 of 101 SQN
    Pilot Officer ERIC GRAHAM CAVAGHAN Royal Canadian Air Force J/6167 of 419 SQN
    Flying Officer CECIL DAVID CHIRIGHIN RAF 138076 of 622 SQN
    Flying Officer TREVOR ALAN MACKENZIE CHRISTIE Royal Canadian Air Force J/27275 of 434 SQN
    Pilot Officer ALFRED JOHN COLLETT Royal Canadian Air Force J/89954 of 460 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Sergeant ORVILLE EVERETT CRAWFORD Royal Canadian Air Force R/68063 of 419 SQN
    Flight Sergeant NOEL VAUGHAN CREIGHTON RAF 1429155 of 101 SQN
    Sergeant CHARLES ALLAN CUNNINGHAM RAF 1566379 of 460 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Lieutenant PERCY ARTHUR DALTON RAF 84882 of 156 SQN
    Flight Sergeant RICHARD PATERSON DAVIS Royal Australian Air Force 407285 of
    Flying Officer JAMES RODERICK DELAHUNTY Royal Australian Air Force 419458 of
    Flight Sergeant WILFRED GEORGE BARRETT DIAL Royal Australian Air Force 427615 of
    Flight Sergeant IRVINE IRWIN DONOVAN Royal Canadian Air Force R/188791 of 101 (RAF) SQN
    Pilot Officer ARTHUR JOSEPH DORAN Royal Canadian Air Force J/19725 of 434 SQN
    Pilot Officer GEORGE JAMES TALBOT DUNLOP Royal Canadian Air Force J/87195 of 434 SQN
    Flying Officer ARTHUR RICHARD DYER Royal Australian Air Force 420648 of
    Gunner SIDNEY CHARLES EPPS Royal Artillery 899458 of 52 Field Regt.
    Sergeant ANTHONY FISHER RAF 1564156 of 460 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Sergeant JOHN GORDON FORBES Royal Canadian Air Force R/62650 of 419 SQN
    Flight Sergeant GEORGE EDWARD JOHN GARDNER Royal New Zealand Air Force 416038 of 622 (RAF) SQN
    Flight Lieutenant RICHARD GERARD GODFREY Royal Australian Air Force 415247 of
    Sergeant RONALD DOUGLAS HALES RAF 1895806 of 15 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOHN H. HANDZUK Royal Canadian Air Force J/88417 of 434 SQN
    Sergeant GEORGE WILLIAM HASWELL RAF 575792 of 15 SQN
    Captain GRAHAM HAYES Border Regiment 129354 of Small Scale Raiding Force
    Wing Commander PETER GEORGE ROLAND HEATH RAF 37174 of 156 SQN
    Pilot Officer LESLIE WILLIAM HIGGINS RAF 169454 of 90 SQN
    Sergeant ALAN STANLEY HOLLANDS RAF 1801850 of 101 SQN
    Flight Sergeant RUSSELL HOWARD Royal Australian Air Force 426601 of
    Flight Sergeant HAROLD ELBURN ISLES Royal Canadian Air Force R/ 176528 of 90 (RAF) SQN
    Sergeant WILLIAM LAVERSON FIELD KELLOW RAF 923177 of 419 (R.C.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Sergeant KENNETH LESLIE KING Royal Australian Air Force 417307 of
    Flight Lieutenant WILFRED RONALD MAITLAND RAF 111680 of 156 SQN
    Flight Sergeant THOMAS ROBERT MARSHALL RAF 1113585 of 76 SQN
    Flight Sergeant DOUGLAS ALBERT MINER RAF 965937 of 76 SQN
    Captain FREDERICK PEACOCK MITCHELL Royal Engineers 107710 of
    Flying Officer WILLIAM MARTIN MURPHY Royal Australian Air Force 404353 of
    Sergeant JOHN PATRICK MURRAY RAF 1581654 of 460 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Flight Sergeant WILLIAM CONRAD NAPIER Royal Australian Air Force 422348 of
    Pilot Officer CHARLES HENRY NEARY RAF 54940 of 434 (R.C.A.F.) SQN
    Pilot Officer RONALD LAING NICHOLSON Royal Australian Air Force 417220 of
    Sergeant JAMES NICOL RAF 966488 of 76 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOSEPH HENRY YVON NOWLAN Royal Canadian Air Force J/87120 of 434 SQN
    Flight Sergeant PATMORE RAF 1389061 of 101 SQN
    Sergeant ROBERT ARTHUR PEARSON RAF 1579725 of 101 SQN
    Flying Officer GIBSON PHILP Royal New Zealand Air Force 412265 of 486 SQN
    Flight Sergeant WALTER ROSS RAF 2209009 of 622 SQN
    Flying Officer PHILIP FINNIS ROWE RAF 170723 of 101 SQN
    Sergeant ARTHUR WILLIAM RYDER RAF 1616427 of 622 SQN
    Sergeant DONALD KEITH NEWTON SCOTT RAF 1002306 of 156 SQN
    Pilot Officer FRANCIS SYLVESTER SEWELL Royal New Zealand Air Force 421993 of 622 (RAF) SQN
    Sergeant ANTHONY GEORGE SHAYLER RAF 1853000 of 467 (R.A.A.F.) SQN
    Pilot Officer ALBERT HENRY STEWART RAF 173882 of 622 SQN
    Guardsman HERBERT WILLIAM THOMPSON Scots Guards 2697876 of
    Sergeant WILFRED GEORGE THOMSON RAF 1380318 of 156 SQN
    Flight Sergeant JOHN JAMES JOSEPH TURNER Royal Australian Air Force 410017 of
    Flying Officer ROY EDWARD WARREN Royal Canadian Air Force J/25041 of 434 SQN
    Flight Sergeant CECIL JOHN WATSON Royal Australian Air Force 425082 of
    Flight Sergeant ROBERT WIDDOP WHITLEY Royal Canadian Air Force R/67591 of 419 SQN
    Flying Officer CHARLES DAVID WOODLEY Royal Canadian Air Force C/21286 of 15 (RAF) SQN
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  19. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    LE MANS WEST CEMETERY (Plot 38 contains 90 identified CWGC burials of WW2 (including 1 Polish Foreign National) plus 8 unidentified burials)

    Flight Sergeant ERNEST ARTHUR APPLEGATE Royal Canadian Air Force R/103626 of 12 (RAF) Sqdn
    Flying Officer JAMES ALEXANDER ARMOUR RAF 129136 of 138 SQN
    Pilot Officer SAMUEL STEPHEN ATKIN RAF 172115 of 115 SQN
    Flight Sergeant EDWARD HENRY BAKEMAN Royal Canadian Air Force R/141597 of 12 (RAF) Sqdn
    Squadron Leader JOHN BAKER RAF 120393 of 7 SQN
    Wing Commander JAMES FRASER BARRON Royal New Zealand Air Force 401749 of 7 (RAF) SQN
    Private GEORGE WILLIAM BARTON Essex Regiment 6011311 of 2nd Bn.
    Second Lieutenant FRANCISQUE EUGENE BEC General List / Special Operations Executive 322014 of
    Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM ANDERSON BLACK Royal Canadian Air Force J/1444 of 2 (RAF) Sqdn
    Pilot Officer ERIC PATRICK BOUTILIER Royal Canadian Air Force J/88414 of 432 SQN
    Serjeant DAVID BRADLEY Royal Artillery 7010061 of 4 Bty., 1 A.A. Regt.
    Sergeant CHARLES EDWARD BROOK RAF 1549548 of 115 SQN
    Flying Officer DONALD BROWN RAF 130272 of 138 SQN
    Flying Officer ALEXANDER FREDERICK BRYCE RAF 149705 of 138 SQN
    Sergeant ERNEST BUCKLAND RAF 1314518 of 78 SQN
    Pilot Officer GEORGE CABLE RAF 175482 of 138 SQN
    Sergeant ALLAN CANTLE-JONES RAF 1387255 of 78 SQN
    Sergeant WILFRED ERNEST FULLER CLARK RAF 1385841 of 12 SQN
    Sergeant CHARLES NORRIS CLAY RAF 1379629 of 12 SQN
    Sergeant RICHARD CLIFFORD RAF 1272678 of 115 SQN
    Squadron Leader PHILIP ROBERT COLDWELL RAF 137578 of 7 SQN
    Private JOSEPH RAYMOND (JOE) COOKE South Staffordshire Regiment 4928543 of 2/6th Bn.
    Flight Sergeant ROBERT ASHWORTH CRAWSHAW Royal New Zealand Air Force 417270 of
    Pilot Officer JAMES FOXALL CROSSLEY RAF 179300 of 298 SQN
    Pilot Officer WALLACE WATSON CRUM Royal Canadian Air Force J/90054 of 432 SQN
    Sergeant ANDREW CURRIE RAF 1566601 of 78 SQN
    Squadron Leader JOHN MERVYN DENNIS RAF 41783 of 7 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOSEPH EUGENE GERARD DESMARAIS Royal Canadian Air Force J/88152 of 419 SQN
    Flying Officer EDWARD FRANK DYNARSKI Royal Canadian Air Force J/21817 of 12 SQN
    Sergeant STANLEY EASTWOOD RAF 1301034 of 115 SQN
    Serjeant REGINALD WILLIAM FEEK The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) 6401817 of 1/6th Bn.
    Flight Lieutenant PETER SAMUEL ASHTON FIELDING RAF 46819 of 544 SQN
    Lance Corporal RONALD V. FOWLER Royal Warwickshire Regiment 5112602 of 2nd Bn.
    Flight Sergeant REGINALD FREDERICK ARTHUR GILES RAF 1317796 of 115 SQN
    Sergeant ENZO BIAGGE GRASSO RAF 1338152 of 298 SQN
    Flying Officer JOHN VICTOR HAYWARD RAF 139986 of 115 SQN
    Flight Lieutenant RONALD JAMES HEWETT RAF 109307 of 7 SQN
    Sergeant ADRIAN BERNARD HEYES RAF 577141 of 115 SQN
    Flying Officer RICHARD HARRY HOLMES RAF 138104 of 609 SQN
    Sergeant EDWARD DEREK HORTON RAF 1851892 of 432 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn
    Sergeant GEORGE WATSON HOULISTON RAF 974219 of 103 SQN
    Kapitan ZBIGNIEW JANICKI Polish Air Force P/76694 of 61 (RAF) SQN
    Flying Officer HOWARD KITCHENER JONES Royal Canadian Air Force J/15670 of 430 SQN
    Pilot Officer RHYS WEBB JONES Royal Australian Air Force 410064 of
    Sergeant PETER JOSEPH JOHN KOFOED RAF 1640191 of 7 SQN
    Pilot Officer STEPHEN KULESKI Royal Canadian Air Force J/87624 of 432 SQN
    Flying Officer EDMUND ELIE LA PORTE Royal Canadian Air Force J/25390 of 425 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOHN ARTHUR LAING Royal Canadian Air Force J/90517 of 425 SQN
    Serjeant JOHN LAMONT Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6977978 of 2nd Bn.
    Flight Sergeant ALFRED GEORGE LAWRENCE RAF 1319292 of 7 SQN
    Flight Lieutenant EDWARD CLAUDE LEE-BROWN RAF 125695 of 103 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOSEPH JEAN MARIE LEVASSEUR Royal Canadian Air Force J/89685 of 425 SQN
    Pilot Officer JOSEPH RAOUL HENRY BERNARD CLOVIS MALLETTE Royal Canadian Air Force J/89459 of 425 SQN
    Pilot Officer KENNETH RICHARD MATHER RAF 173890 of 115 SQN
    Flying Officer WALTER HENRY MATTHEWS Royal Canadian Air Force J/25198 of 432 SQN
    Pilot Officer LEONARD EUGENE MEHDEN Royal Australian Air Force 423152 of
    Sergeant STANLEY MOSELEY RAF 1351789 of 103 SQN
    Sergeant ANDREW MCKENZIE MUNN RAF 657170 of 103 SQN
    Private FREDERICK NORMAN MUSSON Dorsetshire Regiment 6032027 of 4th Bn.
    Flying Officer BERNARD PIERCE McGONAGLE RAF 132396 of 138 SQN
    Private GEORGE SHEPHERD McINTOSH Gordon Highlanders 14383422 of 5/7th Bn.
    Sergeant DOUGLAS WILLIAM McMILLAN RAF 1672812 of 78 SQN
    Private JOSEPH LEO McNEARY North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C. F/57435 of
    Flight Sergeant JAMES JOSEPH O'BRIEN RAF 551549 of 103 SQN
    Flight Lieutenant MICHAEL GEORGE OLLEY RAF 73008 of 605 SQN
    Leading Aircraftman THOMAS JAMES PAGE RAF 119522 of 4 SQN
    Sergeant WALTER BELL PETTET RAF 1083351 of 115 SQN
    Sergeant IVOR COLLINS PLUMB RAF 1804691 of 115 SQN
    Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM FORD WATSON PORTEOUS RAF 171282 of 7 SQN
    Sergeant JOSEPH RAFFERTY RAF 955666 of 115 SQN
    Flight Sergeant BRUCE STANLEY RICHMOND Royal Australian Air Force 426915 of
    Flight Lieutenant LESLIE JACK ROWELL RAF 115852 of 298 SQN
    Wing Commander WILLIAM MCFARLANE RUSSELL RAF 70594 of 138 SQN
    Sergeant FRANK GORDON SAYERS RAF (Auxiliary Air Force) 814160 of 12 SQN
    Flying Officer NORMAN SIMISTER RAF 146612 of 138 SQN
    Pilot Officer JAMES SMART RAF 144753 of 103 SQN
    Flying Officer DERWOOD WILLIAM SMITH Royal Canadian Air Force J/21753 of 298 (RAF) Sqdn
    Flying Officer JOSEPH OCTAVE ARTHUR REMI TETRAULT Royal Canadian Air Force J/23910 of 425 SQN
    Sergeant LEONARD TIMMINS RAF 1896307 of 7 SQN
    Warrant Officer Class I JAMES WILLIS TOON Royal Canadian Air Force R/74721 of 103 (RAF) Sqdn
    Warrant Officer HARRY VIPOND RAF 566487 of 605 SQN
    Sergeant NORMAN VINCENT WARD RAF 1819837 of 425 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn
    Squadron Leader JOHN RUSSELL WATSON RAF 29029 of 115 SQN
    Flight Sergeant IVAN ALEXANDER WEEKS RAF 1212177 of 298 SQN
    Pilot Officer KENNETH FRED WITHERS Royal Australian Air Force 406893 of
    Pilot Officer MICHAEL WIWSIANSKI Royal Canadian Air Force J/90949 of 432 SQN
    Lance Serjeant HENRY WONDERLING Royal Artillery 6550245 of 4 Bty. 1 A.A. Regt.
    Flight Sergeant DEREK WILLIAM WOOD RAF 963941 of 7 SQN
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  20. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Im in the midst of uploading the Viroflay and Le Mans photos onto Find A Grave website, all with your name added as the photographer.

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