Chindit 2 General maps, including Strongholds and Landing Grounds.

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    simon, that would be fantastic mate. yep, cain and abel look correct to me. ive marked quiet a few locations on google earth.
    im hoping that map might show a bit more north...i can see point 162 [massif] the braganza box should be just a bit outa view. :)
    ill reimburse all costs through paypal or whatever you prefer, ill be going over this with a fine toothcomb lol

    hebridean, if the coords i have are coded that would be a big kick in the bollox!! :mad: it should be a well known cypher by now surely??
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    Yes...! Thanks for that as I'd mislaid my notes... mucho obrigado... :bandit:
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    Someone here may have some note from other research, Jim, but...
    When going through the entire command files boxes at TNA for 3rd Indian Div and the 111th files I found a copy of one set (which may take a while to relocate in my imagery), that's it... admittedly, I have copies of Barton's notes, including reasonably detailed maps with routing detailed so I was not as needy as some... and now Simon has re-located my other notes, which include Barton's maps...
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    kenny, looks like simons map is bang on the money! i might need the map north of his which most probably, ill never find.

    'If research was easy'.... your not wrong with that statement eh, ill never be able to find which coy the ol man was in due to destroyed form 103b.
    he had malaria 11 times or something stupid like that, which finally led to his discharge in '45.
    any idea how long a man is in sickbay after a malaria attack? the ol bastard could have been laying in bed for most of the fighting!

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    Hello Jim,

    The National Library of Australia show a few maps of the One Inch Burma Series.

    They state "Only sheets covering the Thai-Burma (death) railway have been digitised so far", which implies that they intend to put on line the other sheets they hold on line. The maps they hold are in pink on their index map and they include the ones you are looking for. Maybe one day.....

    Someone on this forum was informed that the NLA listed something he was looking for in an Adelaide library. "Oh," he said, " that's twenty minutes away, I'll pop over and have a look." Where do you live Jim?


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    hi richard,
    yup i seen that site before thanks. wonder when the'll get round to digitizing those highlighted? thumbnails would be nice so i could see more clearly areas that interest me. $45 a map seems a bit steep i dunno, woudnt be getting too many thats for sure.

    im in london mate.

  7. Hebridean Chindit

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    Jim... ex Londoner now residing north of Inverness... Dad suffered recurrent bouts for the remainder of his life... lost him in 2001...
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    my ol man went over in 88' ken. me and him got on great though, he took me in the building game when i was 15...think you get closer when you work together.
    well it worked with my boy, we worked together for years and now were more like brothers than father n son! :)

    my dad had malaria bouts, his temperature would shoot up to 103, i think. mum said earlier he would sit up in bed machinegunning :(

    wish i was an EX londoner mate, i bet the airs different class where you are
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    ooh, just noticed that snippet of simons map above matches the coords that i have! :D
  10. jimbop

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    and yes simon, your right. abel and cain are a couple of squares east of what you marked on map.
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    No mistaking the Boomerang though. Roof 011.JPG
  12. Hebridean Chindit

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    500' above sea level and nearly 2 miles of single track to get here... oh yes, and the nearest motorway is 120 miles from 'ere... good luck with the hunting...! :D
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    heres what ive plotted down the kalapanzin valley area if its any use to some.

    feel free to update/add any info for me too! :)

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    well i received the map simon sent me today :D what a great site this is! mine was a last hope post, didnt hold too much hope of a result but!

    nice one mate.
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    Owen has done some housekeeping for us to merge common threads and I've requested this be pinned in it's place as a general resource and first port of call for those looking for Chindit related maps, etc...
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    Just a little snippet of information regarding White City found in some (non-Chindit) war diaries - thought this might be a good thread to add it to.

    [494 Battery] is 494 Light Battery of 130 (Assault) Field Regiment RA, equipped with 3.7-inch howitzers drawn by jeeps (and one captured Japanese 30-cwt truck). [236 Field Coy] is 236 Field Company RE. Both were in support of 29 Brigade, 36 Division, Northern Combat Area Command, as it pushed through the Mawlu area in early November 1944 and passed through some of the old Chindit stomping grounds.

    These two entries specifically mention evidence the aftermath of the Chindit actions, several months later:

    [494 Battery] White City, 1st November 1944
    0640 All guns vehs and stores clear of posn to allow Chinese arty to occupy.
    0800 All guns and vehs on rly line moving along slowly
    1330 CPO with 2 i/c fwd on recce to MAWLU. Good evidence of Chindits fine work in this area. A/Tk mines and plenty of wire. Also several crashed gliders.
    1730 Tp engaged on fire plan together with Chinese arty.
    1840 Enemy shelling falling in White City some 400 yds to our East.
    1900 Remainder of Bty now complete in last posn. The captured Jap truck has managed to reach I5129.

    [236 Field Coy] Mawlu, 2nd – 5th November
    Road work and maintenance in HENU area. Some 60 British A/Tk mines (MkII, IV and V) laid by the Chindits were picked up with the aid of a mine detector – also a quantity of A.P. switches.
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  17. PackRat

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    Also a photo, most likely a sapper of 236 Fd Coy working in the White City area. Caption: “A sapper of the 36th Infantry Division sweeps an area for old Chindit mines that had been left to create a road block for the Japanese, 1944.” (IWM SE 411)


    The Chindit minefields did cause a bit of bother for 36 Division as it passed through:

    [494 Battery] Mawlu, 3rd November
    1430 All available jeeps and trailers to air dropping strip to collect ammn. Return later, unable to collect owing to mine field.
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    Some great new inforamtion there PackRat. Untidy Chindits leaving a lot of litter around for others to clear up, typical. Mind you, they did have to leave in a hurry!! In post 69 of this thread, there are aerial photographs of White City from October 1944. These clearly show the abandoned gliders in the paddy around the railway.
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    Things did get a bit busy down there so I think they can be excused!

    Superb aerial images in Matt's post there. I suspect the gliders shown could be the very ones mentioned in 494 Battery's diary entry.

    Seeing as they were taken on October 15th - shortly before 36 Division advanced into the area - I wonder if they relate to this diary entry in any way? (original attached)

    [178 Field] Mohnyin, 20th October
    366 and 494 btys ranged by Air O.P. on three targets. New air photos arrive covering area MOHNYIN – MAWLU.

    178 (Assault) Field Regiment RA was the other regiment of divisional arty for 36 Div - 366 Battery was the Light Battery of 178 Field, as 494 was the Light Battery of 130 Field. These two batteries were at the sharp end as the bulk of both regiments (with 25-pounders) had been held up by delays opening the Ledo road and only the 3.7-inch howitzers could be brought in by air and be shifted by light and animal transport.

    I wonder if the posted photos were part of the air recon provided to 36 Division? All of its air support was coming from the USAAF so it would make sense that they were in the US archives.

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    I wonder if the posted photos were part of the air recon provided to 36 Division? All of its air support was coming from the USAAF so it would make sense that they were in the US archives.[/QUOTE]

    I would say there was a strong chance.

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