Clee Hill Shropshire B17 crash:Captain Priscilla Gotto Mechanised Transport Corps 25th November 1944

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  1. Hope this image is big enough to show up the writing that I have added to it. Take no noticed of the red line, I think I used that to help place an old map of the area over Google Earth and forgot to remove. The yellow line is an approx. line of path I think the B17 was on before it clipped the top of Du Stone Quarry, I used the photos I was given by an American chap on one of their websites, to plot as best I could, bear in mind I had to climb over fences into areas that said keep out to judge where each photo was taken from, also some of the spots have disappeared.
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  2. I found the U.S. Army Air Forces Accident Report, and to quote it -contact was made in a left wing low attitude at the top ledge of a rock quarry, it goes on to state the left wing tip and left horizontal stabilizer were found in the quarry pit.

    Also on the date of the crash, seeing that a few different dates have been used above.The Accident gives date and time of crash as the 25 November 1944 at 1520 hours (note the date on the photo of crash used in the original post is the date the photo was taken and not the date of the crash).
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    Well done Annette and thank you for all the additional info
    your right Clee Hill does have a weather change at the drop of a hat

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    Great work Annette. I am Chairman of the Cleobury Mortimer RBL and with the Aircrew Association we hold a service at the Brown Clee memorial annually. I have had some communication with Chris Ross, a historian in Northern Ireland, who is researching the B17 crash and is working with the family to get a memorial erected. This web page (Newsletter 66: Paddy Mayne's War) has a link to his request for information. he emailed me yesterday about getting it erected next year and previously suggested alongside the Brown clee memorial, although I think Titterstone would be better. That might be something to be discussed with Hansons, as the ground of the crash is now lost.

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  5. Hi Mike have been in contact with Chris a few years ago, I sent him a couple of the photos given to me by an American chap, they were used in the Shropshire Star, when they covered the story. I have been up to crash site today or as near as I could get, as you say they quarry as eaten up the ground the plane end up.
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  6. Mike I have just had an idea where to put a memorial, seeing that where the plane ended up is no longer there, how about the Du Stone, there is a viewing area for bird watchers close to where the plane's left wing first hit the quarry. I personally think haveing the memorial at the Titterstone is misleading to where the crash was. Do you know where I am talking about ? if not I could show you or anyone from the Cleobury RBL where the viewing area is.
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    I agree Annette. Most people (me included) tend to use Titterstone as shorthand for Titterstone and Clee together. So getting rid of the confusion would be good. I have never been there but think the viewing area is just north of Dhu Stone and slightly north of where your yellow line starts. I'll go up and take a look and let you know if I find it OK..
  8. Hi Mike I have just got back from a stroll up there, will be in clip now for a week, legs are not as strong as when I was a kid, used to be spend all day roaming all over the hill back then. I have done a few short bits of video that I will on FB later.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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