Coastal Command - A "forgotten" force

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    The following RAF Coastal Command causality list is taken from....

    'The Cinderella Service. RAF Coastal Command 1939 - 1945' - Andrew Hendrie.

    Hi Peter,

    Seems the 5,866 number was Flying battle only and did not include ground crew. (Only a difference of three)


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    Have sent a pm regarding the squadron list

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    Like yourself a small fortune spent on books - "The Secret War" by B.Johnson and "Aircraft vs Submarine" by Alfred Price are both very good , the BBC publication I bought when I was 18 - back in the late 1970's - it has travelled very well since then.
    Much of the BBC series can be found on U-Tube - I came across it completely by accident.

    Also extremely valuable and other good some books written by Norman Franks.
    " Search , Find and Kill" - republished by Grub Street and revised - a complete record of all Coastal attacks on U-Boats , Mr Franks tells it as it was - using many accounts from those who took part in the actions. Search, Find and Kill!: Coastal Command's U-boat Successes in World War Two: Norman L.R. Franks: Books

    Also see Dark Sky, Deep Water: First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in Europe in WWII: Norman L.R. Franks: Books U-boat Versus Aircraft: The Dramatic Story Behind U-boat Claims in Gun Action with Aircraft in World War II: Norman L.R. Franks, Eric Zimmerman, Eric Zimmermann: Books Conflict Over the Bay: Norman L.R. Franks: Books

    These three books are also excellent , I have no regrets in buying them - all have been reprinted and revised since they wer first published - when you look at other works which tell of the german effort in the Atlantic from historians like Jurgen Rohwer , Lawence Patterson , Axel Niestle - these interface and work very well with them.
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