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  1. Steve Mac

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    Some Rat Patrol interviews...

    Gary Raymond from 1999: Gary Raymond - an interview

    Larry Casey from 2002: Cast_Interview - there is a drop down menu for more commentary.

    Wiki comments on how a Rat Patrol injury eventually led to the death of Chris George: Christopher George - Wikipedia - the incident that caused the injury is referred to by Larry Casey in the above interview.

    From imbd, Justin Tarr died in 2012: Justin Tarr - Biography - IMDb

    Gary Raymond and Larry Casey appratently still with us...
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  2. Seroster

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    Wow... I recognize him from media coverage/whatever (flipping channels and finding a soap opera?) and I had no idea it was the same man :)
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  3. Dave55

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    Another great episode. Such good writing and acting in this one.

    Becoming my Sunday night routine

  4. Steve Mac

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    Having watched all of Combat, part of Twelve O’Clock High, all of Rat Patrol and then the rest of Twelve O’Clock High, I have recently gone back to watching Combat season 1 again.

    Last night (Monday 9 July) I watched Episode 8, ‘The Celebrity’, which was about a Major League Baseball player, famous as a pitcher. The guest star playing the role of ‘Del Packer’ the baseball star was Tab Hunter, who coincidently died on Sunday (8 July).

    So, here you have a Major League Baseball pitcher playing for Coy ‘K’, called Packer, who bats for the other side. Is this a first?

    On a serious note, I liked Tab Hunter in ‘Battle Cry’ and on a serious historical note his brother Walt was KIA in Vietnam (1965): Tab Hunters Brother Walter Gelien Find A Grave Memorial 2018.

    RIP Tab Hunter.
  5. canuck

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    I was waiting for the punch line in that post. The one about a Major League pitcher throwing 75 yard curve ball grenades!
  6. Dave55

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    The squad starts off in a French garage with a Traction Avant. Funny that there were some straight eight head gaskets hanging on the wall. Somehow the Rat Patrol's nemesis, Hauptmann Dietrich, made it back from north Africa and is now up against Saunders


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