Concorde. An Iconic aircraft.

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    Enourmous operating costs, and the fact that FAA wouldn't allow it to fly above Mach .99 over US land meant that on cross continent flights it would be as fast as a B727, so the advantage was killed, it was only interesting for over-Atlantic or over-Pacific routes. A pity, but it sure was noisy. What was a sonic bang between friends? :)

    Whoever wants to resurrect the beast must have deep pockets, very deep pockets! Besides, as I've said more than once here, I dislike the idea of keeping vet planes on the air at any cost. However well maintained they'll become riskier and riskier, until a bent undercart or prop happens, sometimes a life or two. Keep historical planes to museums.

    I have to agree with Miguel. Resurrecting 30 yr+ old technology makes no sense. A truly amazing aircraft but it's time has past. If supersonic, Trans-Atlantic flight was financially viable, someone would have already filled that void.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Geoff could be another Vulcan project

    I joined the Vulcan group years ago not really expecting it to fly
    but it did.

    even a light up of the afterburners and a fast taxi down the runway would be a start

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    I live close to Heathrow and remember the awesome sights and sounds of her taking off and then banking round westwards. Beautiful sight, not so good on the ears and all the car alarms in my street.
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    I remember the French Concorde high in a blue sky over Normoutier in November 1996, flying on a homeward course,a beautiful was as today, superb and we were sat out enjoying what some refer to as an Indian Summer.

    There was some mention on the demise of the Concorde that Branson was willing to buy the aircraft and continue with the service...but then there were reports that the service support assets had been disposed of.

    Not a good scene to see the crash from C d G of a French Concorde which had suffered from a ruptured fuel tank from debris thought to have been picked up from the runway.....if I remember correctly there was a series of claims against various parties from this loss....cannot recollect the outcome.
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    I remember a Prototype Concorde flying over BAC Preston, when I was an apprentice Aerospace Toolmaker.
    It really was an awesome sight and after the TSR2 was scrapped in 1966 the Concorde Air engine intakes and complete covers were manufactured at Preston, together with the Phantom jet Rear Fuselage and tail units to help cut down the number of workers made redundant.
    A most beautiful plane and I hope the project is successful.
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    Boeing competition to the Concorde......I remember buying a metal toy of the Boeing SST for our youngest who at the time was very aircraft interested

    It was white in colour and as you might expect was aeronautical designed said to be designed for a greater airspeed than Concorde and stamped "Boeing SST".The project fell by the wayside with US criticism directed at noise pollution and noise was the main reason that initially Concorde was banned into flying into J F K airport.....instead BA took the option of working up a Middle East service to Bahrain.
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    I can't believe they raised UK£120 million. That's an astonishing number, I would presume multiples of what Vulcan to the Sky Trust manages.

    All the best

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    I lived for a long time right under the axis of Lisbon airport main runway. I had the dubious pleasure of occasionally seeing - and hearing - Concorde on full steam ahead right on top of me. What a sight that was, together with the full anger of Olympus leaving behind a cacophonic trail of car alarms :)

    At the time I had a pretty good ear for engines, so most of the time I could guess what was coming. I wouldn't raise from my seat for a DC-9 or a 727, but certainly would if I sensed something out of the ordinary. And hearing a rare and unidentified sound that took longer in coming guaranteed something worth the wait, like a Concorde or a Vulcan.
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    I was very privileged to have a look inside Concorde at Prestwick Airport when it was based there for training. The crew had obviously been very busy as their golf clubs were onboard and also two full baker's trays of Scot's pies! I must dig out the photos.
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    Amazing to walk thru the one at Duxford.
  14. Andreas

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    Having looked a bit more into it, I think this is a pipe dream, and it will never happen. Apparently money is not the key issue, but the support of Airbus, Rolls Royce, and other suppliers is, as well as the continued existence of the skill set and qualifications.

    All the best

  15. Za Rodinu

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    Realism is unpleasant but better off in the end. I still pine for TSR 2 - no, not a place in Norway.
  16. Smudger Jnr

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    Yes it was a real tragedy, especially for the very large number of Aircraft workers made redundant at Preston in 1966.

  17. Harry Ree

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    Absolutely correct.There has been enthusiasm generated without thinking of the technical aspect of the envisaged project.

    The best avenue would have been Branson when the aircraft was withdrawn from commercial service.If remember correctly Branson's proposal got nowhere for Air France and BA were determined to terminate the recovery of the aircraft as airworthiness, in the aftermath of the tragedy at CDG airport.

    The prototype at Duxford.Went with a family party to Duxford in July/August 2002 and we toured the internal of the display two year old grandson as we passed down the Concorde's isle said to my son "are we going on holiday daddy"
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    Those were the days. Concorde used to fly into (and out of) Leeds Bradford Airport. Only pleasure trips. Tens of thousands of people would gather to watch it. I even took 'her indoors' for a flight up to the north of Scotland, a quick supersonic flight down the North Sea, a first class lunch on board and a visit to the flightdeck. Fantastic.

    Having seen the vast array of dials and switches on the flight deck I think Concord's technology would be difficult to re produce, maintain etc. Presumably it would have to be replaced by more modern electronics. Same with the engines. Older engines were simple enough to maintain but these would a challenge.

    Nice to dream though.

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    This is the man who wanted to run dirty Concorde and wants to burn more jet fuel.
    (and stop sending me your junk mail!)

    Billionaire entrepreneur and outspoken environmentalist Richard Branson said Monday the Volkswagen emissions scandal should be a wake-up call to automakers to invest in clean vehicle innovations instead of backward-looking, fossil-fuel-derived technologies.

    "It shows they should have actually invested their money in battery-driven cars, which is the future, rather than diesel-driven cars and cheating," the Virgin Group founder said in a CNBC's "Squawk Box" interview.

    "What's happened to Volkswagen is actually positive news in that hopefully the car manufacturers will do the right thing and will invest in the future."

    Asked if he would buy a VW-made vehicle, Branson said: "I would want to operate a car that is clean. So I wouldn't."
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    Used to see (Well, sometimes) but always hear Concorde over the Reading area at 11am every Monday morning. Brilliant sight and sound. Now it's just the siren of Broadmoor Hospital that fills the sky with noise on a Monday...

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