Concorde. An Iconic aircraft.

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by von Poop, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Dave55

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    My cousin came home on one when his mother was stricken ill. He said it was very tiny inside and there was a mach reading display on the front of the cabin.
  2. Blutto

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    Certainly was on the skinny side and you're correct about the Mach meter on the cabin bulkhead. When I was working at Heathrow I once sat in a vehicle in the undershoot area when one took off on a winter's afternoon, great afterburner flames and bloody raucous. A very handy aircraft for an approach controller, as with the high drag of the delta wing at high angles of attack, they could slow down very smartly when requested to do so.
  3. gmyles

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    I was a radar operator at RAF Neatishead in Norfolk when BA decided to ground them permanently.

    On their last day, I watched all of the aircraft flying around the skies including the one flown over from NYC then they all headed back to LHR.

    Then watched them all land on Sky News.

    Sad day but awesome to watch.


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