Conquered Europe or Wehrmacht - foreign tourists. photos to ID

Discussion in 'WW2 Battlefields Today' started by raut, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. Owen

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    Keep up.
    I already IDed that as Gien on the Loire.
  2. MarkN

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    Assuming this is the same chap as on the memorial, then he was in the Minenwerfer-Kompanie Nr. 191 and was killed alongside a number of troops from the Kgl. Bayer. 1. Infanterie-Regiment König and Kgl. Bayer. 2. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz. Seems to have been part of Unternehmen Rupprecht IV, the last of a succession of German attacks on the French on Vimy Ridge.
  3. ltdan

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    I interpret the text on the photo with the castle as:

    Burg in Mauer ru_ _he
    The guy really had a dreadful scrawl - a mixture of normal script, Sütterlin and shorthand

    This is either a French proper name, which was misspelled due to ignorance
    Or it is a place somewhere in Austria or southern Germany
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  4. raut

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  5. raut

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    Friends, I am glad to welcome everyone.Let's move on.
    There is an inscription on the back.
    Is it possible to find out what kind of cathedral is in the photo?
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  6. Blutto

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    Catholic priest I'd suggest, but German or Italian uniforms?
  7. raut

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    In the photo there are German soldiers.
  8. stolpi

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    Looks like a French town to me.
  9. raut

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    Please tell me about this monument.Does it exist today and where is it?
    Presumably Verdun Douaumont? 51.JPG
  10. Owen

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    I would ask on The Great War Forum .

    I sent it to a friend who knows the old battlefields really well, he hasn't replied yet , though he has seen it.
  11. raut

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    Maybe ask your friend about this memorial as well. 52.JPG

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