Corporal John Davis, 2nd King's Own Royal Regiment

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    This thread is an attempt to trace the living family of John Davis, who was a Chindit casualty on the 19th March 1944. It is a long shot I know, but stranger things have happened on the site before now.


    This soldier was possibly the friend of Pte. Albert Stanley Evans from Bristol, who was another casualty from the second Chindit expedition in 1944. I will be creating a replica post for Albert shortly.

    What do we know about John Davis:

    He was the son of John and Ellen Davis and the husband of Maud Davis from Harborne near Birmingham. He was originally posted to the Royal Engineers, but was transferred to the 2nd King's Own Royal Regiment and served on the second Chindit expedition, Operation Thursday.

    John went missing on the 19th March 1944, near the Burmese town of Mansi. A missing in action report states that John and another Chindit, RAF Sgt. Richard Southgate went to retrieve a mailbag after a supply drop had gone astray, but never returned. Southgate perished as a POW in Rangoon Jail, but Cpl. Davis was never seen again and so is remembered upon the Rangoon Memorial.

    Forum member Tony B. has furnished me with John's inscription upon Face 5 of the Rangoon Memorial.
    That is all I know really. As I say, I am looking to find his living relatives, so thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

    DAVIS J., Face 5, Rangoon Memorial, Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar-Burma © 2.jpg
  2. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    Any special interest in these two...?
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    Just in relation to bringing the families together. PM sent.
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    Having trouble nailing this guy down, using the CWGC details on Ancestry, these are slightly different to the 'casualty' details from CWGC direct

    doc5757933 1.jpg

    The above shows his parents as living in Weoley Castle, now this is sometimes shown as being in Worcestershire, if you try Harborne this is sometimes shown as Staffordshire, and if you try Birmingham then thats shown as Warwickshire - so all in all its proving a headache

    Obviously any more details on him should help - have you thought about applying for his service records??

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    John's mother placed an appeal for information on his whereabouts in the Warwickshire paper Evening Despatch 17 Oct 1945, page 3. I used the search term 'Cpl John Davis'.

    Albert Evan's brother, Ronnie, is mentioned in a paper 1940 having a cycling accident. I think I came across that using search term 'crofts end road' (the address they were at on the 1939 Register).
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    At present I can find a possible marriage - they are the only John Davis and 'Maud' married in Birmingham at about a reasonable date

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: John Davis
    Registration Date: Apr 1935
    [May 1935]
    [Jun 1935]
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Inferred County: Warwickshire
    Spouse: Maud A Evans
    Volume Number: 6d
    Page Number: 261

    He was 31 in 1944 so born around 1913ish - so in 1935 would be 22ish


    OK - there is a tree but not very detailed
    John Davis
    BIRTH ABT 1913
    DEATH Unknown

    8 Jun 1935 • Birmingham, St Nicolas, Warwickshire, England
    Maud Alice Evans

    Maud Alice Evans
    BIRTH 18 JUL 1912 • Birmingham
    DEATH 16 FEB 1993 • Adelaide, Australia

    Hmm trying to check out Davis born to a mother with maiden name Evans 1940 +/- 5 years in Staffordshire/Warwickshire/Worcestershire/Birmingham
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for all your efforts. There is no relationship between the two families, that is Davis and Evans, apart from the soldiers service in Burma.
    Please don't go digging too much on my behalf, although obviously I appreciate it very much indeed.
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    Maria, is there any way of trapping the Warwickshire Evening Despatch appeal for me. Many thanks.
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    Understand that there is no connection between the 2 families, but as you see the coincidence of Davis marrying an Evans then according to stories becomes the best mate of a fellow soldier called Evans - spooky or not :oops:

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    Spooky for sure, but that's the game were in!:)
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    Great - so we can call ourselves ‘spooks’


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