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    Two interesting tidbits about the Corsair.

    1. It had the longest production history of any piston-engine fighter. (1940-1953)
    2. It was the first airplane to achieve 400 mph in level flight.

    Yeah, but the ME-163 did 623 MPH a little while latter. That was getting
    close to the sound barrier! :p
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    Back in 1970 I took part in the recovery of an engine of a Corsair from the mud at the end of the runway at RAF Ballykelly/ HMS Sea eagle in the second World War. I think there are still a number of wrecks there

    This is probably the same aircraft , these taken in the mid 1980's .

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    Not sure of Japanese nicknames for them, but some American airmen called them "Sweethearts of the Marianas".

    They also called them 'The Ensign Eliminator' due to their tricky deck landing characteristics


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