Coy 557 B.O.D. R.A.O.C

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  1. SuzQ

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    Hi All

    Would anyone have any details re- Coy 557 B.O.D. R.A.O.C. please?

    I am looking for a specific date - 16th Feb 45 and they would have been in Italy?, so i'm just trying to pinpoint the actual place if that's possible?

    many thanks
  2. Rneil

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    557 BOD was based around Naples, but by the end of 1944 had expanded to 26 different locations from Rome to Picciola (Salerno).

    Not a comprehensive list but some of the locations were;
    • Capua- MT Stores,
    • San Lucia - 3 Sub-Depot,
    • Ponte-Cagnano - HQ, MT, Tech Stores Sub-Depots,
    • Portici - 2 Sub-Depot (Clothing and General Stores)
    • Poggeriali - RSD
    At wars end, it had a strength of 79 Officers, 1750 Other Ranks and 18000 Civilians.

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