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    so i really need help yet again with this crash site ive calculated distance from culmhead to merry harriers both coz i know there is 2 and still dont add up if there is anyone who can help please be my gust oh ive calculated distance like i was flying
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    hi ross just been going over your info i dont undertsand what u mean with the info u given me
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    For any accident initially reported as FA (Flying Accident) a growing file of various documents would be created and stored in the RAF Central Registry.

    Form 1180 was created as an index card which was updated with file reference for all these documents as they were produced - for the important details concerning the accident they were summarised for the Form 1180 for ease of access.

    Form 1180 cards evolved as the war progressed to allow collation of data for monthly statistics so later period cards have more detail than prewar.

    Other Forms eg 1179, 1181,1183 and 1188 were used for other files and stats but these have not been preserved in the public domain - being destroyed as part of the document reduction process laid down by parliament statutes.

    So briefly the sequence was report by signal - signal ref entered and Form 1180 started with basic details
    within 24 hrs (depending on unit location) more details sent - subsequent signal ref added to Form 1180
    Creation of Casualty Form if fatal
    Sweep up of greater detail in Form 764/765 Monthly returns
    If a Court of Inquiry was ordered then file reference added and summary of OC/AOC comments
    Independent of C of I and Air Investigation Branch AIB investigation could be ordered - if so the AIB file reference and findings would be added to the Form 1180

    The Form 1180 is not chapter and verse on the accident - the related files are - and these are not all in the public domain. Some are eg the Casualty File.

    There are a number of documents and sources eg local inquiry and Police Occurance files that exist but do not for part of the RAF archive files and so have no link or reference in Form 1180.

    As to location, without the associated files it is useless to try to use to pinpoint as is could be recorded from aerodrome boundary, runway threshold, aerodrome centre, Station HQ, aerodrome watch office.

    Find all the surviving document traces - understand the reference for measurement - get the location bubbles and look for the correlation before using one mention as gospel.

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    what im trying to work out is where it came crashed as all it state that it crashed into a field beyound merry harriers pub. i did read about an evacuee that saw it from her bedroom window and then went out next day to the fiield that all she said was the field no clue. cant ask her as she passed away 2010
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    Stuart this is what Ross advised we know you are trying to find out where it crashed

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