CSM RE Broom 5825901Suffolk Reg 1st Bn. DoD 28/06/44

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    Information on the man below please. All I know was Mentioned in Despatches. Promoted up to CSM during the D Day landing and died a few days later.

    He was a regular and joined in 1933 he was garrisoned on Malta

    Thanks in advance



    Rank:Warrant Officer Class II


    Service No:5825901

    Date of Death:28/06/1944


    Regiment/Service Suffolk Regimen 1st Bn.

    Awards:Mentioned in Despatches

    Grave Reference 5. C. 6.


    Additional Information:Son of George W. and Kate M. Broom, of Ipswich, Suffolk; husband of Evelyn Grace Broom, of Ipswich.
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    So we know where he was at the start of 1940

    Robert E Broom in the England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005

    Name: Robert E Broom
    Spouse Surname: Taylor
    Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1940
    Registration district: Ipswich
    Inferred County: Suffolk
    Volume Number: 4a
    Page Number: 40458

    Name: Eveline G Taylor
    Spouse Surname: Broom
    Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1940
    Registration district: Ipswich
    Inferred County: Suffolk
    Volume Number: 4a
    Page Number: 4048

    We also know where and when he was born:
    Robert E Broom in the England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915

    Name: Robert E Broom
    Mother's Maiden Name: Cook
    Registration Year: 1914
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Ipswich
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Suffolk
    Volume: 4a
    Page: 2036

    It seems he had probably 3 siblings:
    Ethel K b 1912
    William F b 1917
    Violet W (?) b 1922 - appears spelt as Broome

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    Thats great thanks.

    I'm being sent some pictures of him and I shall post.
    Will the LG have his M in D?

    He might have been involved 1944 D Day: 1st Battalion lands on QUEEN WHITE beach at Hermanville-sur-Mer.?

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    Many Thanks.

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    Hi Simon,

    Further to what has already been posted, Ted Broom was a pre-war member of the Corps of Drums of the 1/Suffolk. From memory, he played a tenor drum as I have seen photographs of him in his drummers leopard skin in Malta in 1939.

    Broom it was said, was an outstanding soldier. He was Corporal on D-Day when he landed, was promoted Sergeant a few days later when the Battalion were in Le Mesnil Wood. By the time of his death at the Chateau de la Londe on 28th June 1944, he was acting CSM of B Company. It was said that had he lived, he would have almost certainly have been commissioned.

    The mortar 'stonk' which killed him and Captain Warwick Archdall, robbed the Battalion of two of its finest men. Archdall it was said would have risen high in the church. If you search elsewhere on the net, you should read the complete account of the fighting at the Chateau written by Richard Harris (except above) it is the finest account of the battle from the eyes of a private soldier I know of. Harris also served in B Company.

    His nephew, who had only recently died, also served in The Suffolk Regiment, completing his National Service in Malaya. Several years ago I borrowed a photograph of Ted Broom from him, along with a cutting from the Ipswich Evening Star announcing his death, and a photo of his original CWGC steel headstone cross in Hermanville cemetery. I see if I still have them somewhere

    I look forward to seeing the photographs you have of him.


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    According to the regiments history by Nicholson he was a Cpl when he got his MiD. It aslo records him being killed by Mortar fire along with Captain Archdall who was B Coy's 2ic.

    Just to add there's nothing jumping out in the BEF diary and his MiD isn't listed online at Kew
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    I believe the 2 picture are the same. I waiting to see if any more turn up.

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    Thank you.
    And thank you for the PM.


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