Darkest Hour (movie)

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    Scenes like Eisenhower being based in Edinburgh....
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    I went to see Darkest Hour today and highly recommend it. Gary Oldman's performance is superb and I'd say the story is broadly accurate historically. There are some jarring fictionalised scenes, but it's heartening that they keep to Churchill's famous speeches word for word. It knocks the Brian Cox film (which I thought was ridiculous) into a cocked hat.
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    That seems a fair assessment to me!
  4. OpanaPointer

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    Finally got to see this. From this side of the Atlantic the movie was both very interesting and highly instructive.

    And I realize more than ever how handy Lord Lothian's death was.
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    Pic 35 Page 75 Regimental Reunion in London-001.JPG Saw this today and was most impressed !

    One slight caveat...............

    In the opening shot, all the extras appeared to be wearing new clothes.

    In the war that I remember, that was a luxury few could afford !

    As for Gary Oldman, the star of the film, I have no complaints at all....... he captured Churchill completely and I speak as an expert witness (see if you can spot me in this pic :)

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    Hard to pick you out of that crowd without your trademark beret Ron.
    Actually, I thought that might be a trick question and you aren't in the frame at all. Those faces are all turned to you to hear the next word you have to say! ;)
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    Sorry, back of the class mate ! :)

    I am there and if I wasn't so lazy I would have found a link to my original posting.

    Let's see if someone can spot me before we give up
    (Link to my Gallery where I may have a better copy of the picture:
    1946 Regimental Reunion | WW2Talk )

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    Are you in the centre, sat down with the near full pint on the table?
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    Hi, Ron,

    I would have expected you all to be wearing your medals. Is that a more recent custom, or hadn't you received them by 1946?

    With regard to the film, I thought the episode on the Underground ridiculous. Did he go out to meet ordinary people like that?

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    My Dad (82 years old) went to se the film yesterday. He says it is very good and well represented. So it must be a decent effort.
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    I have not seen the film but the critical period in history has been well covered by historians.

    As all leaders, WSC met citizens when visiting areas devastated by bombing raids in London.These visits were arranged as expected to raise morale.The King and Queen also were involved in similar morale raising visits although as far as I am aware these visits were not extended to the provinces.....not sure if there was such a visit after the Coventry raid.

    Compared to WSC,It is recorded that Hitler never visited areas and its citizens affected by Allied bombing raids

    Interesting to hear if the political gesture by WSC to France was included in the film.In it.
    WSC.in order to keep France in war offered a political union between Great Britain and France.....the French declined,pleaded for an armistice,the country was split into two,the North as the Occupied Zone and the South,the Unoccupied Zone with satellite rule by Petain and his Vichy government.

    As regards the dynamics of the political situation there were others of influence who thought it would be appropriate to seek peace.Hitler apparently was willing to leave Britain alone with its empire providing Britain gave Hitler a free hand in Europe.
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    Inked1946-074 Regimental Reunion _LI.jpg
    Is that you Ron circled in red?
  14. OpanaPointer

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    True, and that's what made it a near run thing for me. Chamberlain and Halifax could have become the most reviled figures in British history.
  15. Ron Goldstein

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    Nope !
    (but you're heading in the right direction ;))

  16. Owen

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  17. Ron Goldstein

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    Ooos a clever chap !

    (The clue was there for all to see)

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  19. Owen

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    Maybe a repainted DC3 see this thread.
    One for Mallard (B.O.A.C. Casualty)

    Drew posted photo of it on his FB page.
    The France and Flanders Campaign 1940


    Me & the boys thought about seeing it this afternoon & saw it was over 2 hours long so decided against it.
    Oldest counts as an adult at cinema & would rather spend money on other things.
    Will wait for the DVD to come out, not huge film fans anyway.
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    I thought that the Australian actor (Ben Mendelsohn) who played King George VI had a very similar profile to the real person.
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