Death Takes A Holiday - photo?

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  1. JackGe

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    Looking through the pdf file this nickname appears as a possible Firefly used in the concrete buster role. A partial registration number is provided, so there must be a photo of this vehicle? Has anyone seen it?

    Apparently the info was found in this French published magazine:


  2. Hello Jack,

    Here's the scanned photo from the article. I wish I could get a better print in order to read the full WD number. The reason I think it may be the CB Firefly on the left of the next photo is the white .50 cal ammo box, plus the apparent matching of the stowage on the glacis. A hi-resolution version of this National Archives of Canada photo PA-137130 would be great!
    (close-up courtesy of John McGillivray in this old MLU thread:

    FGH Firefly 1 - N44-3 p40 300-150.jpg Juno LCTs - Close up CB.jpg

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    Hi Michel,

    I have tried using Photoshop to enhance the image to try and read the WD number and the best I have come up with so far is T2?1625 but whatever the second number is it does not seem to fit in with Sherman numbers.


  4. Kevin,

    I think you're right! Looking closely at the print again, I'm seeing T-211625 (with the hyphen). The digits are quite far apart, just like on the other Vc 'BUCK'. See:
    Allied WWII AFV Discussion Group: Fort Garry Horse Sherman DDs, any photos?

    This would fit, as there are several examples of Shermans V or Vc starting with 211xxx (SPITEFUL T 211770, BORGIA T 211771, SPITFIRE IV T-211819...).

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    This is right on guys, thanks!

    I didn't think I was going to get any replies, let alone a visual. As it was, I had ordered a copy of the magazine earlier today.

    Any guesses to the loading codes?

    Yes, have read the extensive thread over at MLU. There was mention that these CB tanks were returned to regimental HQ when done, so would the possible tactical symbol be the diamond?

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    Hello all

    I was wondering this also along with the 2 CB's from the 13/18 that I cannot seem to get any ifo on. even though I read some where that 1 went to Asq and the Other to B Sq

  7. Re-checking the possible T-Number for DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY, by comparing the photo with similarly shaped T-numbers and taking into account number blocks alloted to Sherman, it appears that it's more likely to be T-211835 than T211625 as stated above, because the latter is within a block alloted to Coventry tanks (thanks to KevinT for that info).

    Stencilled T-Numbers.jpg


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