Did any POW's get released early?

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  1. Hi all,

    I've only just joined this forum, with the hope of filling out the war time story of my step-grandfather, Jack Mepham, who was repatriated as part of a POW and civil internee exchange which took place in Barcelona 17th May 1944. I have received from the ICRC a collection of documents and reports written by their representatives which detail the 'nuts and bolts' of this exchange. I've translated them from the original French (to the best of my ability) and would be only too happy to share them with anyone who has an interest in this particular aspect and/or incident of WW2.

    I find them extremely interesting and intriguing.

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    Hi everyone
    I have just returned to the site after a long break due partly to illness but would now like to share the results of my investigations around my uncle Charles Andrews of the Highland Light Infantry captured in Ypres on 26 May 1940 and transferred first to stalag XIIA and then to stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf, Poland. Due to his physical condition he was repatriated with the first round in October 1943 on the ship Empress Drottningholm.
    He went straight into hospital due to his condition and unfortunitely died 11months later. The cause of his death was noted as cardiac failure due to pulmonary tuberculosis. Of course there was other conditions he suffered too; stomach ulcer, malnutrician. Happily he was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to undergo the long march home, which he would probably not have survived. However like a lot of men he left behind a young wife and two very young children. LET THEIR SACRIFICE NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
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    I take it your uncle is not commemorated by the CWGC? Or is he the Charles Andrews, H.L.I. (died 18/09/1944)?
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    Just for clarification the first round was April 1942on the Hospital Ship GRADISCA Harry Zinda reported the event on April 14th this was an anglo Italian agreement the October repatriation of1943 was with the Germans which had following the Italian surrender ended the Anglo/Italian agreement.

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    Stalag IXc, Bad Sulza, was treated as a camp for those awaiting repatriation, especially those guys from Dunkirk.

    RAF prisoners were not eligible following Barders exploits. Some RAF guys swapped identity with fellow Army guys to get home.

    It took them almost a year to get home, following arguments between the fighting powers.


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    Getting back to the false penis,I seem to remember reading that the soldier (Pte Pulley?) who survived an SS massacre at Dunkirk and later became a POW took urine from another prisoner who had a very serious kidney complaint put it in a false penis and urinated into a sample bottle and got himself exchanged.On return on being debriefed the authorities would not believe his account of the massacre.
    The book may have been The Revenge of Private Pulley?.
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  8. Barb20

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    Apologies as I am unfamiliar with options for replying to posts and I may be making a hash of things. Just wanted to reply to ritsonvaljos and confirm my uncle was the Charles Andrews who died 18/9/44. The family are in possession of a commemorative scroll. I also wish to agree with the clarification given by Mr Jinks - I should have said first round of repatriated POWs from the camp he was in. Apologies. Barb
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    The Private in Question is Albert Pooley of the Norfolk Regiment. He was captured at Le Paradis where is most of his Company were executed.
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    Thanks Drew .
    Thats the one ,my mind is not firing on all cylinders :)
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    No probs, I've got the book but not read it yet.

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    Hi, is this forum still active? Sgt Patrick Arnold is my father, I have other information that I would be willing to contribute if there is any interest

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