Dieppe / JUBILEE Landing Craft Bases?

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    To be a little more specific, a series of photos was taken of landing craft laid up after the raid by a LIFE photographer:

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    Might anyone be able to identify the location, please?

    The well-known shots of Lord Lovat were taken at Newhaven but I haven't been able to match that. There are a couple of minesweepers that appear to have been Portsmouth-based at the time. However, the location doesn't feel like Portsmouth harbour and - obviously - the ships are perfectly capable of visiting other ports.

    Thanks in anticipation...
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    Hi Idler,
    The location of the landing craft is Newhaven as you said.

    A couple of photos showing where the LCA/LCS/LCM were beached are attached.



    newhaven  1e.jpg newhaven  2em.jpg newhaven  6e  1950  m.jpg
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    Thanks, Danny.

    The hills felt right but I was struggling against Streetview. I'll have a closer look...
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    From a quick look I'd say that most if not all are definitely from Newhaven.

    No4 Commando returned to Newhaven.
    LCT '8' (actually LCT125- coded No8 for the operation) was badly damaged and returned to Newhaven under tow by HMS Alresford
    And the two LCA's LCA170 (from Beatrix LCA Flotilla) and BL11 (a unidentified one from Glengyle LCA Flotilla) also returned to Newhaven.


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    In the wee hours of this morning, I managed to identify the 'large house' seen in a couple of the shots as the Sheffield Arms / Harbourside / the Co-op! Typically, it was just off the edge of one of Historic England's 1943 obliques...

    Thanks for the leads
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    Re your original question. At this time there weren't any operational UK based LCA Flotillas, although there were specific Shore Bases where LCA crews were trained and numerous LCA could be found during courses.
    The LCA involved in the Dieppe Raid were launched from a number of LSI ships, thus they were HMS GLENGYLE (RHLI White Beach Dieppe), PRINCE CHARLES (Essex Scottish Red Beach Dieppe), PRINCE LEOPOLD (Essex Scottish Red Beach Dieppe), PRINCESS ASTRID (RRC Blue Beach Puys), QUEEN EMMA (RRC Blue Beach Puys), DUKE of WELLINGTON (Black Watch Blue Beach Puys), INVICTA (South Saskatchewan, Green Beach Pourville), PRINCESS BEATRIX (South Saskatchewan, Green Beach Pourville), PRINCE ALBERT (4Cdo Orange Beaches) LCA Flotillas (some ships carried a LCM as well as LCA - apart from the large Glengyle which carried 11 LCA and 3 LCM), rather than a land base or independent Flotilla.
    The two LCT Flotillas on the other hand (10 craft of 2nd LCT Flotilla which landed, and the 14 craft of 4th LCT Flotilla, which did not land) had been based at HMS Mastodon, Exbury House, Beaulieu River, near Southampton since May 1942. Having suffered 60% casualties and lost 5 craft, and 3 requiring complete drydock refitting, 2nd LCT Flotilla was disbanded shortly after the raid.
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