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    This goes on from a question I posed to Ron in the 78th Div thread about Divisional newspapers.

    From what I can gather, many (but not all) Divisions had one as a way of keeping the troops up to date on recent goings on or sometimes just something light hearted for them to have a giggle at when out of the line. I know the names and nature of a few but not the majority. If anyone has any information, it might be an idea to pop it in this thread.

    I suppose it started when I found a copy of the one for the 15th Scottish Division in the War Diary of the 2nd Gordon Highlanders and it got me thinking if we could replicate it for re-enactment purposes, so we did. When we go to an event now, we look in the WD to see what the unit were doing at or around that date in 1944 and then put a double sided newsletter together (on the correct paper in the correct font etc, normally with a Giles cartoon at the end).

    It would be nice to know what other Divisions were doing, so here goes with what I have so far:

    Unit: 15th Scottish Division.
    Called: 'The Tam O' Shanter'
    Type: 2 sided newsletter with serious slant on events. It lists recent activity and officer casualties. It was a Divisional paper but each Battalion produced their own.

    Unit: 59th Staffordshire Division.
    Called: The Pit Press
    Type: A light hearted newsletter with amusing stories of an Army nature.

    Unit: 49th (West Riding) Division
    Called: The Midnight Sun
    Type: As far as I can tell it followed a similar format to that of the 15th Scottish Div.

    Unit: 53rd Welsh Division.
    Called: The Red Dragon
    Type: 2 sided newsletter with accounts of events, some humour and even an attempt at hand drawn smut in an attempt to boost circulation. (SWIPER)

    Unit: 51st Highland Division
    Type: 2 page broadsheet. A typical issue would have details of the progress of the war on the Western Front with sketch map, the Italian Front, Eastern Front and Far East. It would have details of the air war, particularly bombing missions. There might be a general letter from home, general home news along with weather reports, world politics and even football scores.

    As you can see, the list is disapointingly incomplete. I'd be interested if any of the veterans can reacll their unit's paper.
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    I only have a copy of the VE Day 'The Red Dragon' but:
    2 sided newsletter with accounts of events, some humour and even an attempt at hand drawn smut in an attempt to boost circulation.
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    Drew, excellent stuff. Bizzarely didn't come up when I did a search last night but really apprecaite the link.

    Noted that the 49th Div title changed to the Polar Bear News post-war, I wonder if any of the diaries have the original.
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    They are from various war diaries that I've copied for forum members mate. I believe DBF is the only one to bother to post any on here. I started the thread and gave up looking after a lack of interest.
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    Updated with info I found on the 51st Highland Division.

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