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    I am trying to find more detail about the Dodecanese Campaign, the divisions involved and where and when they landed or attempted to land. Am especially interested in the 34th Indian Infantry Division or the 8th Punjab. Thanks.
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    Operation Accolade

    Attached to the Raiding Forces, Middle East, they would join 150 men of the Special Boat Service (SBS), and No. 30 Commando to support the nearly 3,000 regular British troops of 234 Brigade holding the islands

    Operation Accolade – How Britain’s Elite Long Range Desert Group Met Disaster in the Aegean

    234 Brigade
    234th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    Order of Battle
    The brigade was constituted as follows during the war:

    The following officers commanded the brigade during the war:

    30 Commando and also known as the Special Engineering Unit, for most of 1943, the unit, or parts of it, operated in the Greek Islands,
    Appendix 1 (Part 5): History of 30 Commando (later called 30 Assault Unit and 30... | The National Archives
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    I just purchased an Osprey publication that has an excellent account of operations on Kos and Leros including many photos and maps. It is:

    Rogers, Anthony. Kos and Leros 1943: The German Conquest of the Dodecanese. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, Ltd., 2019.
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    Thanks, will go and find a copy and see what its coverage is like.
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    Thanks, will research how they fit into the Brigade and what date.
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    I have a lot of info on 234 Inf Bde’s failed defence of Leros in Nov 43.


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    Thank-you, I will see what I have and let you know more accurately dates, units etc., I'm trying to place.

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