Dunkirk 1940. Inland. France & Belgium. Photos, some never seen before

Discussion in '1940' started by morrisc8, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Nido

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    Have "walked" around it using Google maps. Well, the church does not look like the one in the image.
  2. Harry Ree

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    Yes that is what I thought.The image taken in 1940 does not agree with the many shown in research.The 1940 image structure does not appear to be damaged which would account for a change in profile if that was so.
  3. Richelieu

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    The location looks good but the church was destroyed during the war and rebuilt: Google Translate
  4. Nido

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    94% destruction explains a lot then. So, it could be the old Saint Vincent Church.
  5. Nido

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    It's better to see once...
    Have found old prewar images of the St. Vincent church. The new edifice is a very similar to the old one. Very good restoration!
    And this rises the question once again, if it's the church we're looking for?

    1939  -  2.jpg
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  6. Richelieu

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    The transepts must rule it out.
  7. morrisc8

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    Close up of the church area, that might help to ID the church.
    dunkirk church id close up..jpg dunkirk church id close up 1.jpg dunkirk church id mot mount.jpg dunkirk church id.jpg
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