Dutch government spends € 15 million on new search project for missing aircrews

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by stolpi, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Stolpi - Interesting!! In the past when the local councils were required to contribute a third of the cost of these recovery operations they found numerous reasons why such projects should not go ahead. Now I’m told that because the Government is fully funding the recovery they are climbing over each other to be in the front of the queue.
    Still a very nice gesture by the Dutch Government and I hope that it will lead to the recovery of many more missing aircrew and give their families a final closure.
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    John - I also hope this will lead to the speedy recovery of more missing, but I'm afraid it will not be enough, as the article says: "It is expected that with the 15 million euros made available, it will be possible to salvage thirty to fifty war wrecks in the coming period".

    The Dutch Study Group Air War 1939-1945 has drawn up a so-called "promising list". The Air Force salvage service will start using this data

    … sadly there still remains a lot to do.
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