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    I found this inside one of my Dutch books " De tyrannie verdrijven " printed in 1947. Original dutch newspaper / pamphlet [ one page ] from Utrecht printed on 10th April 1945, has K2382 on the top left. Does anyone know who would have printed it, or any history on when it started to be printed. Dutch underground ?.

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    If I read it it speaks as the allies as the enemy so not Underground printed but German propaganda.
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    It's certainly not one of the many listed in the book "De Ondergrondse Pers 1940 - 1945"

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    It seems like a normal printed newspaper.
    Nothing underground or serieus propaganda.
    Maybe you can find more in the Niod archives if you google on "oorlogskranten" (warnewspapers).
    I tried to post a link but that does not work.
    Greetings Jack.

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