Escape lines over the Pyrenees

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  1. The escape route was from Perpignan to the border approx by car, then over the border, stay on a farm and then move to Blanes. Probably not as arduous as through the mountains, but I am keen to locate the exact route, but records if any from the SOE are either lost, never known or kept under wraps.

    Repeat again any knowledge of this line would be gratefully received.
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    I’m pretty familiar with Pyrenees and the evasion routes. I shall dig around and let you know.. I won’t be online for a little while as I’m off to the Pyrenees to do an evasion route. Generally it’s difficult to nail down people to precise routes, aside from the coastal routes. For the Ariege area I have some ideas to explore.
  4. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you. Ian
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    There is a commemorative route to a Jewish escaper in the same region Le chemin Walter Benjamin, multimédia, de Banuyls à Portbou.
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    Hi there. I have a slightly different slant on this story. My mother is Belgian (Liege) and at that age of three was put on her mother's bicycle and her mother and father cycled in front of the advancing German army all the way to Poitiers over May and June into July 1940.

    I am writing a semi-fictionalised account of this. Although they never made it into Spain I am wondering what the fate of French and Belgian civilians was if they did make it to say Barcelona or nearby? Where they returned to Vichy France, interned, or were they in fact allowed to remain free in the country? I suspect the latter is unlikely as of course Franco was a fascist leader with links to Hitler.

    But if anyone has any idea if in my fictionalised tale (up to Poitiers is real) it is realistic to have them living out 1940 - 1944 in Spain as "free" people that would be great. Or indeed if internment camps were likely how harsh they were for civilians If you feel you can also reply to (not sure if the forum sends email notifications or not) that would be great. Many thanks. Mike
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    According to my old form master (now long since gone) many of the guides were former smugglers who during the Spanish Civil War had used the trails to run guns to the Republicans something he had been involved in
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  8. I have an SOE group on Facebook with info on escape lines etc etc. If anyone wants to join plz do. Link is below :

    SOE and Resistance.
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    Brecon Beacons Mountain Rescue recently announced a commemorative trip along Pyrenean escape routes.
    Might be worth following their soshul meeja,
    Brecon MRT on Twitter
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