F/O Claude Henry Kinver, RAF Instructor - but instructor of what?

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    Another RAF query!

    This time regarding -


    Died 23 April 1944
    Age 38 years old
    Buried Penzance (Paul) Cemetery
    Enlarged Cons. Grave 326.

    Cause of death was suicide by hanging, at Mousehole, Cornwall. I have numerous newspaper reports regarding the inquest etc and plenty of family detail.

    However, all the reports, and the book of remembrance for the town of Holsworthy (being from the town he appears on the memorial here) state he was an 'instructor' - but none give any detail regarding an instructor in what! All the photos I have show him in uniform, all void of any wings, pilots or otherwise.

    Again, I know it's a long shot, but can anyone enlighten me (without me having to go down the Service Records route)?

    Hoping someone might just have the answer!

    Thanks as always

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