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    Pardon me, i am not trying to be dense, but....... Wikipedia says that the "Combat Debut" of the Hellcat was September 1943. Is that pretty accurate.?
    For some reason i thought it flew, in combat. much sooner than that.
    So it was a year, plus, after Midway before the usa had The Hellcat.?
    Thank You

    (Those pilots must have thanked their lucky stars when that plane hit the Pacific Carriers)
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    19 Facts About the Grumman F6F Hellcat with Photos

    The Hellcat was designed and produced at an accelerated pace. The first flight by a prototype took place on the 26th of June 1942, and by August 1943 is was being deployed in the Pacific.

    You aren't thinking of the Wildcat which was the forerunner to the Hellcat

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    No, not thinking of the Wildcat. :)

    For some reason, i simply thought the F6 was available sooner,
    Just wishful thinking on my part i guess. :blush:


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