Field-applied AFV Armour. Concrete.

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    Finding myself more than a little distracted by field-applied concrete armour.

    A tad cautious about this MA thesis, but it makes at least one interesting claim.
    Concrete not doing much to stop breaches, but maybe decreasing lethality:
    ref for that is 41 - Ibid., Exhibit 2, p. 20
    Which I think refers to this old thing:

    Isacc D. White, “A Report on United States vs. German Armor” (Headquarters,2nd Armored Division, March 20, 1945)

    Anyone seen an online version of that? As I can find it as a published facsimile but it feels like something that I've read for free in it's original form somewhere, and I'm only currently looking at any possible concrete bit.
    (Suppose I should check my own heap of pdfs...)

    I'll keep poking about, but in the meantime, some concreted AFVs.

    Only pic I've yet seen of actual field application, complete with mixer.

    Nice neat job:
    2763051b8ce31504c122446a1e927cc4.jpg concrete_armour_by_wolfenkrieger-d3gw3ho.jpg

    Fort Garry Horse blobs:
    DapndxWXUAEUMCm.jpg large.jpg

    Rather similar style:

    Concrete blocks? really not sure. Think it may just be a wooden box :

    Stug life:
    (Factory jobby? Can't remember.)

    Was gonna put that crazy T34 thing in, but it's all a bit irrelevant really.

    Mostly, I am currently interested in ballistics vs concrete/concrete+armour.
    (These have their own thread.)
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  2. Dave55

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    Hey VP

    We had a bit of a discussion on this in the "Sherman-Track Armour" a while ago.

    Sherman-Track Armour
  3. von Poop

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    I equivocated about adding to that thread, Dave.
    Began to think that concrete is so different it might deserve it's own place.
    Still not sure. Might just merge.

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