Flight Sgt. T L Gibson 21/05/44.

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    On Sunday was out in South Fermanagh / Monaghan area and took time to photograph the headstone of a local man who died on ops with Bomber Command. :poppy:
    (Clogh Church of Ireland on the Fermanagh / Cavan Border).

    Am I correct in relating his death to the loss of a Lancaster , I recall reading something of this way back , crashed into the sea off Mablethorpe Lincs. ?
    The CWWGC site says he was with 514 Squadron.

    What made me go back was a letter I got some years ago - a NCO who was at Killadeas, he was part of a burial party which had been assembled to bury an airman who had been killed on ops his body having been returned home for burial.
    They were going to a Church "right down on the border" and the local police had advised them not to go there as it was not safe.
    The feeling of the RAF men was that having come this far they would not let the man go on alone and they carried on down to the Church and saw him buried with honours and they returned back to Killadeas without incident.
    Having looked over the Fermanagh and Tyrone war registers it can only have been F/Sgt. Gibson's funeral.
    One of those wee things which stay with you.

    I will ask Peter if he can provide some more data on the crew , just wonder how many of them were recovered and where they are now.
    If anyone can add anything to the thread please do so , would love to know more.
    thanks in advance

    There are two other RAF burials in the same cemetery both brothers :

    WILLIS, JOSHUA STEPHEN, J S Flying Officer ( Pilot ) 44051 Royal Air Force 10/09/1941 34
    WILLIS, SAM J., S J Corporal 1894337 Royal Engineers 11/04/1941 19 .

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    Hi James, I have the following on Sgt. Gibson and his crew, hope its a help


    On the night of 21-22 May 1944 Lancaster II serial DS633 JI-B2 of No.514 Squadron took off from Waterbeach at 2250 hrs on a raid to Duisburg. A fix was obtained on the aircraft by Waterbeach at 0303 hrs and about six minutes later base ordered the crew to jettison their bomb load.

    I have no details as to where the aircraft came down

    Seven crew were lost.....

    Sgt. T L. Gibson.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. J. Fraser.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. A H. Freeburn.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. J L. Dunbar.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. L. Buxton.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. G H. Kemp.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. J. Gallagher.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    The Duisburg raid of 21/22 May 1944.

    510 Lancasters and 22 Mosquitos of Nos 1, 3, 5 and 8 Groups carried out the first large raid on Duisburg for a year. 29 Lancasters were lost, 5.5 per cent of the force. The target was covered by cloud but the Oboe skymarking was accurate and much damage was caused in the southern areas of the city.

    No.514 Squadron lost two other aircraft on this raid......

    Lancaster II DS781 JI-R - seven crew lost
    Lancaster II LL695 JI-A – three crew lost, two pow, two evaded
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    Peter, thank you for the crew details and burial information - Sgt.Freeburn buried in Cookstown is just up the road from me (3/4's of an hour) next time I am up that way I will make a point "calling in".
    Unusual for 2 from NI to be in the one crew.

    I can't for the life of me recall where I got Mablethorpe from I honestly can't but from the recovery of all the crew they must have been down either on land or very close to it.

    Thank you once again Peter , that has answered quite a bit for me. :)
  4. Peter Clare

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    James, there is a possibility of an eighth crew member of DS633.....

    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Sgt. T S. Combe is not listed with the crews of the other two aircraft of 514 Squadron lost that night.
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    Indeed quite possibly one of the crew, thank you Peter for this info.
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    1823102 Sgt.Thomas Smith "Scotty" Combe MidUp G. that day Skipper G. Chopping R.C. MidUp when KIA 22-mai-1944 Lancaster II LL733 JI-S 23.40 ca. KIA aged 19 Inveresk Parish Churchyard, UK.
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    Hi James,
    I am working in 514 Squadron history. Would you have photograph of Sgt. Freeburn's gravestone?
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