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    Most probably this:


    Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 XX660

    Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 2

    Crashed into a field at Ducklington, near Witney, Oxfordshire after failing to recover from a spin. Both crew baled out but the instructor was killed when he detached from his parachute


    PS - I can find no link between his name and this aircraft loss. I gave up searching for his name and just searched for Aircraft Accident 25 March 1985

    Even now with the aircraft number and his name I can't find a page with both bits of info..........
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    Cheers Dave, based at RAF Abingdon so must be it.
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    25 March 1985

    XX660 Bulldog T1
    UAS (University Air Squadron)
    Near Yelford Oxfordshire

    The instructor briefed his student to put the aircraft in a spin to the left but having done so, recovery action by both student and instructor proved ineffective and the instructor ordered the student to abandon the aircraft before doing so himself. As the instructor's parachute deployed, he was seen to jerk in the harness and then to fall away. Subsequent examination of the harness showed it to be serviceable but the quick release was unlocked and it seems possible that the instructor inadvertently unlocked it when releasing his seat harness and that when the parachute opened, his flailing arms may have depressed parachute harness quick release box.

    Flight Lieutenant Ian Maurice REDWOOD 30 BSc ARCS +

    Source - Category Five - C. Cummings
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    Prior to this event, UAS crews donned and doffed the parachute in the cockpit. Following the results of the Board of Enquiry, we did it outside - the intimation was that there may have been a cognitive failure whereby the QFI unlocked his QRF - not necessarily releasing the parachute - and when he reached for his 'D' ring, he inadvertently released the parachute.


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    Thanks for the explanation of the cause of the accident and recommendations to prevent recurrence.
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    The story of Ian's death which have been posted are close to the truth, the bulldog which had been borrowed from Oxford UAS, as they were on stand down and we had several aircraft unserviceable, got into a flat spin. Ian ordered the student to bail out and then made a "mayday" call. It is believed that on turning and releasing the seat QRF he may have inadvertently performed the unlock action on the chute QRF prior to getting out of the seat. On leaving the aircraft he pulled the "D" ring and the chute deployed normally, the action of the chute deploying forced his arms across his body hitting the QRF and releasing the chute, Ian fell forward and tumbled out of it. I went and put some flowers on his grave January 2015 as it was approaching the 30th anniversary of this tragic event. Ian was a great bloke but he was taken from us far too early..RIP
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    Ian Redwood is 6th from the left on the front row. I am third row last on the right

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