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    A lot of visitors here stroll old battlegrounds and training areas.
    Sometimes they bring something interesting home and share it with us, looking for identification.
    We worry that one day it'll be a live hand grenade or 500lb bomb in the boot of someone's car.

    This is just to say that if you don't already work in Ordnance disposal, and are not 100% sure what a potentially explosive lump of rust is then don't expect any opinion given by the denizens of this site to be a true guarantee of safety, it simply can't be.

    If you have a genuine concern or uncertainty about something, then leave it where it is and phone the relevant authorities.

    Even if you've brought it home. Nobody gets into trouble for reporting something they think may be dangerous.

    An Internet forum (& specifically here - WW2 Talk) or it's members, can't be held responsible for any opinion given in this area that may eventually lead to injury. The most we can ever hope for is that someone can offer a sensible warning about a potentially dangerous item.

    People are still killed and wounded by the traces of old wars on a regular basis, even those with long experience in dealing with those traces. 'Better safe than sorry/dead' is the only really good advice the forum can offer.

    A sobering article on nasties still lurking out there:
    WWII Ordnance Still Haunts Europe and the Asia Pacific Rim, by Margaret Buse (4.2)

    ~WW2 talk.
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    The message is as pertinent now as it was then.

    Tell teacher or a Policeman...and no sticks or stones either.

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