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    Hi there !
    My name is Loïc, I am french and live in Southern France.
    It been years I am trying to find informations about some units in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. I am lucky enough to find out this forum at about 50% each time!

    To be short, I am quite interested by the history of the Airborne invasion of Southern France and more than that, the whole history of the principales units like the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team, the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion and the 1st Special Service Force. Such interested that I wrote and self-published my very first book "The 517's Gang".
    Since then, I became quite interested by the history of the 148. Reserve-Division and the 34. Infanterie-Division (both Germans) which faced them on the French Riviera and then on then french-italian border.

    With all that, I became to write other projects about the units I am interested above. History could be incomplete without some 'history' about they opponent. I am lucky enough to have collected many S-2 reports from Regimental to Divisional levels and get access to POW interrogator reports.

    Well, there's many other things to say, but will cut here. Please apologize about my barrely english.

    Warmest regards to all,
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    Welcome! Bienvenue sur le forum!
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    Thanks to both of you ! :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.


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