Fully funded Normandy Veteran tours 2017

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    I have just seen a notice from the Royal British Legion's travel arm, Remembrance Travel, is giving the opportunity to surviving Normandy veterans and up to two carers / family members for a 5-day guided and fully funded personal tour of the district. For anyone who qualifies and is able to take up this opportunity it seems like a really good offer.

    Link to the RBL website page with more details:
    Normandy veteran tours | Remembrance Travel - The Royal British Legion

    If anyone knows any surviving Normandy veterans who may be interested, perhaps they can pass on the information.
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    Hi, I've just been reading in my local paper, Oldham Evening Chronicle, that the Royal British Legion via the Treasury,is enabling a series of tours, free,,for veterans to return to Normandy beaches and memorials. They will travel from London, and it will include travel, accommodation, visits to Pegasus Bridge, Juno, Sword, Gold, Arrommanchies and War Memorials., plus visits to personally specified cemeteries. A family member and a carer will be able to accompany the veteran on this six night tour .These will take place in March, April, May and September. They will be attended by a medic and a guide from the Royal British Legion: Apply to: Rememberance Travels Tour Operator Arena Travel, on: 01473 660800 or visit: www.arenatravel.com/journey-sofrememberance. This will apply to Normandy Veterans associations too.

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