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    Hello everyone.

    I'm researching Balkan Ultra for some time and I hope someone can help me with some troublesome questions.

    -Were there operational departments of GC CS set on regional or theatre basis? More precisely, were there any teams, presumably in Hut 3-translation/ and or Hut 6 -codebreaking, which dealt exclusively on Balkan codes and products? Something similar to SOE and SIS departments.. And how many people worked on it? Are there any accounts where some details could be found?

    - Churcill received few batches of dozen Ultra each day, usually from C (Menzies). Since there were thousands of messages broken each day (all theaters, political, military, naval and many other decrypts), it is resonable that C couldn't read all of this and make selection of decrypts for Churcill by himself. Does anybody know how this process (of selection or so) went on? On what criteria?

    Any hint or suggestion will be most helpfull.

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