General Slim's Arrival in Magwe, March 42 - Primary Sources

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    In one of my airforce history groups an interesting discussion arose .

    Field Marshal Slim, in his book "Defeat into Victory" writes about his taking over BurCorps in Magwe and in particular writes about flight from Dum Dum airport to Magwe in an Indian Air Force Lysander.

    He talks about a young Sikh pilot of the IAF that we have been trying to put an id on. While Slim doesnt mention his name, for years i had assumed that he was Fg Offr Mehar Singh based on some hints. Now in the years since then other evidence rose that shows IAF No.1 Squadron Lysanders operating on VIP Courier flights in the area. So it could be one of the other two Sikh pilots we know who were more intimate with the area they were flying over and the aircraft type. Unfortunately no primary document exists from the Indian Air force side. No Unit ORBs, no Logbooks from that time survive.

    Slim dates his flight as 12 Mar 42 (not explicitely), however another book puts his flight as 8 Mar 42.

    I an trying to see if any of the original formation diaries (Bur Corps, RAF Magwe, Dum Dum , the local RAF Group etc) mention the arrival of Slim or his pilot? would any of them have by chance a copy of the DRO.Movement order that broadcast his arrival?)

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