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  1. Hello.

    I am trying to find information on what collar tabs and shoulder boards enlisted men in the Georgien Legion of the Wehrmacht wore in the Normandy campaign (June 1944).

    I've done some Google searching and have noticed so many different styles and colours, the search results of which are further confused by the fact that some of the Georgien Legion apparently fell under SS control (though not in the Normandy campaign).

    Any info on the collar tabs and shoulder boards of the Wehrmacht Georgien Legion in Normandy would be gratefully appreciated.
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  3. Thanks Kyle,

    Those Pinterest images were in fact where my original confusion came from! There is a mixture of 'standard' Heer insignia in there (collar tabs and shoulder boards) and other really unusual ones...
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    Some parts of the Georgian Legion were under the 'operational' control of the Waffen SS but were not Waffen SS units, the only Ostlegionen unit transferred from the Heer to the Waffen SS was the 1. Kosaken-Kavallerie-Division which was transferred to the Waffen SS in December 1944, but they continued to wear Heer uniforms and insignia.

    One other exception was the 14. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS [galizische Nr. 1] which became the 1st Infantry Division of the Ukrainian National Army in March 1945.
  5. Thank would standard Heer infantry collar tabs and shoulder boards with the Georgien shoulder shield patch be correct for Georgien Legion troops in Normandy then?
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    The left hand column of the attached picture shows the authorised rank patches for the Georgian(Caucasian Ostlegionen) units. I suspect that's what they would have been wearing although I suppose it can't be ruled out that those Ostlegionen that were incorporated into regular Heer Infanterie divisions, usually as the IV Battalion, may have swapped these for regular German rank patches etc, especially those units that had been in France since 1943 .

    Ost legion ranks.jpg
  7. Thank you so much for is extremely helpful!

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