German or British Soldier ?

Discussion in 'Prewar' started by redtop, Oct 24, 2020.

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    Apologies. Wound stripe stuck in my memory from #1. Now deleted!
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    Here is a similar helmet and uniform with detachable chevrons. The photograph was taken in India.


    Full fsh.jpg
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    Thank you High Wood..
    Guess the Studio had a Stock of uniforms to cover all eventualities
    Helps move the story on
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    Why would you think that as opposed to the man having served in India at some stage? He looks too well turned out to have thrown on an old uniform and I don't believe studios held a stock of uniforms.

    Can I suggest you post it on the Great War Forum for further confirmation as to the cap badge and uniform.

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    Hi Scott
    No I believe that he did serve in India and that the Indian Studios kept a stock of post 22 suggest..
    I am in touch with the Green Jacket Museum at the moment awaiting a reply.
    Next move will to go on the Great war forum.
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    In somewhere like Bangalore you wonder how long a brilliant white uniform would stay clean, I'd imagine they would need constantly cleaned so badges etc would be very loosely attached - in WW2 (and I think WW1) some photographers had odds and ends for the lads to look smart but I think that would probably be limited to swagger sticks, lanyards and little bits like that. . With the above photos if the white uniform and helmet were standard issue to all (hopefully someone can confirm if they were) why would they need to borrow it from the photographer?

    I'm not sure if in some units men were lent fancy bits by the unit itself to get a "pretty picture" I'm thinking in terms of WW2 when a soldier in a Highland unit wouldn't have his own kilt but lots seem to have been pictured in them, I'm wondering if the unit lent for a bit of Regimental pride or if you could borrow from a bandsman for a few hours for some cigarettes - on this side of it I'm just throwing out ideas
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    The whites must have needed to be dhobied regularly so detachable insignia would have been logical. The photo that I posted of my GGF was taken in Gibraltar so perhaps even the blues were treated in the same way ?

    I have an early 1944 photo of my dad wearing a coloured Royal Signals FS cap and he's certain that he never had one (I can't imagine that many 'Duration of Emergency' Lance Corporals did purchase). Unfortunately, he can't recall who he borrowed it from. Oddly, It was taken close to home in Croydon, not near a depot...It seems unlikely that all photographers stocked all caps !
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    Let us know how you go with this Redtop.

    Would be interested in seeing any evidence supporting the view that the photographic studios kept current military uniforms as props. Its problematic that government equipment would be lent to a private studio.

    There is a good thread here on British uniforms in India from the GWF which mentions the India pattern whites issued to British soldiers and the chevrons being attached loosely for cleaning, as a few others have mentioned here. (2nd post on page 2)

    British uniforms India 1914

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    Just heard back from Green Jacket Museum .
    They say it is certainly Rifle Brigade Tropical Uniform ,buttons .chevrons' helmet and badge
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