Glaring Mistakes

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    That’s hardly a friendly response to another member especially one who has provided such brilliant responses to any and all who have needed help.
    Personally I find your response ........when I find the word I will post it

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    "Lacking" maybe?

    Good manners cost nothing, be it in a conversation in person, on the phone, in a letter, e-mail, or forum.

    Kind regards, always,

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    Lacking is nowhere near strong enough for me

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    There are a small number who seem to feel free to apply personal attacks on me. I was accused of not providing sources - I provided them but seemingly that was not enough
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    As you would have prepped yourself back in the day before a big meeting people only bite at you because you do sometimes come across in a hands behind your head way.
    You have a lot to offer and have a lot of knowledge
    perhaps we should all be a bit more grown up

    Lesson 1: Do you Stop, Look, Listen, Think? – THINK!

    Onwards and upwards
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    At this point New Yorkers say, "Hey, how about those Mets?"

    Means to change the subject. :)
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    Although I make extremely limited use of the function, the 'ignore' option works really well. It's as though the person never existed and helps to maintain my generally low BP.
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    Back to the topic.

    Last night my son rang me and said have you started to read the book I bought you for Christmas.I had already seen it from an acquaintance who had been forwarded an early copy but did not have access to it to read.No I said but I have glanced through it, .....usually glance through any photographs shown which gives me a feel for the publication.

    The first photograph,rather a poor image,I came to,appears to be in error in claiming to show the Upkeep weapon being carried by a Lancaster.The caption stated....."The only known image of a 617 Squadron taking off from Scampton for Operation Chastise on the evening of 16 May 1943" source is indicated.

    The Upkeep weapon would be clearly shown slung under the forward bomb bay and retained by two extended V shaped pylons.....doors were removed to accommodate the weapon, the bomb bay hydraulic control mechanism used to release the weapon from its two V shaped pylons,one on either side of the weapon.

    In this photograph the weapon is not shown and for this reason, I think the photograph shown is probably one taken when training was being conducted prior the raid.
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    New York Times and NBC. Painful to watch

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    I read about that crap, as I do not watch the gaggle of morons. Not remotely surprised, especially since it was PMSNBC.
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    in Rick Atkinson’s “An Army At Dawn” the caption for the above is

    but the man in question is actually General Willi Schneckenburger.
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    According to this guy this is seven parts. In one of his other videos he said Sherman crews upgraded in the field to 76mm by unscrewing the 75mm barrel and screwing on a 76mm barrel.

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    Screwing on.... what the hell.
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    Perhaps he is confusing parts with sub assemblies. Used to be a big problem when implementing production planning and spares procurement systems back in the late 60s early 70s, they often used the same BOMP but for a production systems man and a spares systems man "part" often meant something different
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    Not WW2, but this from last year's bubbled back up, and, well... I mean...


    Some may remember the same person from a recent misinterpretation of execution statistics.

    This restful scene seems quite popular in replies...
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    The alternative 'Morgenthau' VE...
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    One of the best kept secrets of WW2 - the Badenburg raid
    "Where's Badenburg?"
    Exactly my point :whistle:
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