Glaring Mistakes

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Dave55, May 11, 2019.

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  4. Owen

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    A novel set in the Italian campaign.
    I don't remember the Germans using M47s at Cassino or the British using bazookas.

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    Especially as that "bazooka" looks more like a LRAC!

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    It goes still more badly: To be ashamed for 1.95 Euro ....that's really embarrassing
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    They used them in Spain though ;)

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  8. Robert-w

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    600 bazookas were supplied to the 8th Army in 1942 but the back blast was so revealing of position that it was decided not to use them. More were later delivered but again there was a reluctance to deploy them - however the British Army did have some bazookas.
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    Just saw a piece by USA Today. They say Ginsburg is "lain in state", whereas Parks was "lain in honor".
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    Makes a sort of twisted bureaucratic legalistic sense in that as an SCJ Ginsberg was a holder of a high state office and Parks was not.
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    Seen in the latest copy of The Week in the article entitled ‘The rise and fall of the tank’...

    “By the Second World War, the German Army had mastered this with its so-called Blitzkrieg - lightning war - tactics, using its outstanding tanks, the Tiger and Panther.”

    There wasn’t much Blitzkrieg going on by late 1942/1943 when these two tanks came into service. ‘Outstanding’ is open to debate too.
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  12. Trackfrower

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    Many books describing the armament of a Blenheim as 2 x Bren Guns.
    Might prove difficult to change the magazine in the wing!
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    Hang on a moment guys, I posted #131 as a Glaring Mistake (the theme of this thread) involving an anachronism with Tiger and Panther. May I respectfully suggest that discussion of the origins of ‘Blitzkrieg’ and philosophy of opinions - both fascinating - are conducted elsewhere so that our great membership can enjoy threads as originally intended by their initiators.
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  14. Owen

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    I've moved their Blitzkrieg discussion to (edit) their own thread an old thread I found .

    Who first thought of "Blitzkrieg" and when was the word first used ?

    Members can keep that discussion going there.

    We'll keep this one for Glaring mistakes only.
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  15. Chris C

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    I'm reading the small version of the Haynes "manual" on the Churchill tank. Mostly it's been good but then two errors on one page. Are these glaring or not? Depends on your point of view.

    - The section on fighting in Tunisia has a depiction of Monty's message to 8th Army at the end of the campaign. The Churchills in Tunisia were in 1st Army, so, not commanded by Monty.
    - The second paragraph on Italy starts to describe the NIH in support of "the Canadians of Princess Patricia's Infantry" at the Hitler Line. The name of the regiment is Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Would you talk about the Irish of the North Horse? I'm nettled!
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    I am go smacked by all of your knowledge pity history lessons in school was not like this keep up the good work guys well done everyone
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    A Bridge Too Far Tuesday 17th September 73074334_2464295176992952_1325188150313615360_o.jpg ??
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