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    Trying to track down a list of GPR pilots that took part in Operation Husky.
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    The book "Glider Pilots in Sicily" has a list towards end under Appendix 1 entitled "Operation LADBROKE Post Mission Reports". With the ebook they are series of images rather than text. As an example here is the first image.


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    Are you able to tell me if a Sgt Shorter was involved in the operation please??
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    There is no trace of Sgt Shorter being involved in Operations Ladbroke or Fustian. Neither is he listed a flying one of the gilders when they moved from Froha to Sousse in June ‘43
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    Cant help with Sicily, but assuming its 1876535 H M J Shorter he did D-Day and Arnhem where he was taken POW, having the number may help peoples searches
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    In ‘The Glider Gang’ by Milton Dank (US, 439 Troop Carrier Group 44-45) a few names are included in the ‘Sicilian Vespers’ chapter. Snippets below:

    “Of the six Horsas that were to attack the Ponte Grande, two landed in the immediate vicinity ...... One, piloted by the popular Captain JNC Denholm came in downwind, hit the bank of the canal at high speed and blew up, killing all on board”.

    “One Horsa glider, piloted by Staff Sergeant DP ‘Galp’ Galpin, landed close to the bridge, having been guided down by a helpful Italian searchlight ......”. (After taking and holding the bridge through the night, they were reinforced by crews and pax who had landed elsewhere, including two Waco pilots) Flight Officer Samuel Fine of Flushing NY (subsequently wounded and) Flight Officer Russell D Parks (attributed as the only Americans at that scene, although a Flt Officer Morris B Kyle of West Virginia seems to have been a co-pilot on a Waco, too.)

    Also mentioned are Sergeant HN ‘Andy’ Andrews and the injured Colonel ‘Honker’ Henniker, but the rest of the accounts of FUSTIAN exclude names.
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    Denholm’s glider (chalk 132), carrying members of C Company, South Staffords, landed just upstream of the bridge objective, burst into flames and exploded. There were three survivors, one officer and two other ranks, although all of them were badly injured.
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    Sorry to be somewhat negative but you have been advised by probably the most knowledgeable on the subject but note that you say that you have not applied for his Service Record.
    This is the one place that can answer your last question as he most likely attended a glider pilot training course which would be indicated on the Service Record documents.
    I guess that you are not a relative so have a problem with obtaining a death cert or proving a relationship.
    Maybe you should seek advice from members on here with experience in obtaining Service Records as a third party. Perhaps you might obtain some official paperwork to help you in this.
    Apologies if I am trying to teach granny to suck eggs.
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    Always ready to learn. Been in Australia makes it difficult and the only way is via this means.
    Thank for your suggestions.
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    Kiwi Sapper If you are unaware of the rules for application use this link as it explains it quite well if it works in your zone of operation. It is a UK Govt website and the only place where you will get personal records.

    Request records of deceased service personnel.

    You might try contacting them for further details or experienced researchers here might be able to help.
    There are a few members from your part of the world.

    The alternative is to use a genealogy website to trace his family.

    Good Luck.
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