Greek Paybook - any Greek speakers (well readers)?

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    I picked up this paybook a while ago to a gent who served in the Light Aid Detachment of the 2nd Greek Brigade - I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help me with some detail of his service - a long time ago I asked on another forum and I got a brief reply but stupidly didn't follow up, the info I got then was basically that he enlisted in Alexandria, the person thought he may have been Egyptian (speaking Arabic and French) and was under the impression he served all his time in Egypt. Confirmation and any additional info most welcome

    This is the only one of these I have seen, cant be many around

    IMG_20190601_0001.jpg IMG_20190601_0002.jpg IMG_20190601_0003.jpg IMG_20190601_0004.jpg IMG_20190601_0005.jpg IMG_20190601_0006.jpg IMG_20190601_0007.jpg IMG_20190601_0008.jpg IMG_20190601_0009.jpg IMG_20190601_0010.jpg IMG_20190601_0011.jpg IMG_20190601_0012.jpg
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  2. Lindele

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    the son-in-law of a very good friend is Greek,
    If no other member can help, I am willing to ask Panos.
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    I have contacted my good friend Dimbo in Athens who should help.

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    Thank you both, I look forward to seeing what it says, I'm not expecting any amazing revelations but anything that fills out his story would be great

    Thanks again
  5. dimbo

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    Hello AB64, Gus has forwarded me your enquiry.
    More than happy to help !

    From the pics you have uploaded , we are seeing the paybook of a Greek soldier of the 2nd Greek Bde
    He most definitely is an egyptian citizen of greek origin born in Alexandria in 1917 or 1918
    ( A big greek community in Alexandria , Port-Said and Cairo up until the Nasser days).

    Pages 3 &4 hold personal data . Our guy was living in Alexandria ( Attarine Str. - check goole maps it seems that there is a neighborhood "El Attarin" in Alex ) and was a mechanic during his pre-war days.
    Pages 20-25 record his time as an enlisted man . He enlisted end of Sept 1942
    Looks like he was served at a special "Press A" detachment in Alexandria ( most likely due to his French and Arabic knowledge)
    and he was discharged at Oct 1945 from the Alexandria Garrison unit.
    Regarding the acronyms used, and noted in the changes recorded during his service , I need to check further and come back to you .

    Let me know if you are after something more specific .
    Regards// Dimitris
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  6. AB64

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    Brilliant, I've updated my notes - looking at the El Attarine area there are a couple of cemeteries right next to it with Commonwealth graves.

    Any idea what the "Press A" detachment is? The book is well stamped up with 2nd Brigade etc but I had read that there were EAM related mutinies (in 1st and 2nd Brigades) and some units were disbanded so wasn't sure if that affected him at all.

    Have you ever seen any similar paybooks?

    Thanks again
  7. Lindele

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    Panos is not coming back before late May.
    please check with Dimbo.
  8. dimbo

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    Hello again AB64 ... some new and more reliable info after cross-referencing with some colleagues at a Greek history FB group .
    Here is the latest :
    Light Aid Detachment is certain and fits with the fact that our guy was a mechanic ( nothing to do with what I thought regarding some kind of "Press" service)
    He most certainly belonged to the Technical Corps of the Greek Army in the Middle East based in Egypt .
    Starting with page 20 :
    25.9.1942 Joined as private
    02.10.1942 He was assigned at the HQ Company of the Technical Corps in Alexandria
    11.11.1942 Was transferred to the "Eforia" Company ( a service equivalent to Logistics & Ordnance ) again in Alex
    29.12.1942 6-day leave in Alexandria
    18.1.1943 Transferred to LAD "A"
    16.5.1943 Promoted to Lance Corporal
    24.9.1943 13-day leave in Alexandria
    6.12.1943 Promoted to Corporal
    30.12.1943 13-day leave ( Alexandria )
    10.6.1944 He is transferred from LAD "A" to unit or service of the 2nd Bde
    (unfortunately the writing is not as clear to be 100 % certain as to the exact unit this Π.Μ.Η.ΚΕΣ - in fact we are not sure whether this is a "Π" or a badly written "Λ" ,
    29.6.1944 - 13.7.1944 He is serving at the "General Measures" zone.
    12.10.1945 He is serving at the Alexandria Garrison coming from the 7th Coy General Transports

    Now a couple of minor info-points that I thought I should add
    Page 10 : His inoculations with dates are noted here.
    Page 9 : It is interesting that he is reporting to the army doctors that he has annoying headaches
    On Page 1 there is a well known quote from Plato ( "Crito" dialoge, attributed to Socrates when he was imprisoned awaiting execution) which broadly translates as
    "our country is more to be valued and higher and holier far than mother or father or any ancestor"

    I hope the above sheds some light to your enquiry
    Regards/// Dimitris

    PS : I have not seen such paybooks before from the Greek army in Egypt before ; I could post the whole set of pics to the FB group , if you agreed and see if we will get back any further information from other members .
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  9. AB64

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    Thanks again Dimitris, if you could share it that would be great, maybe it will prompt some more discussion but even if not hopefully its of interest

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    Nice one Dimbo.

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