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    Greetings to all and thanks for having me. The depth of information on here is incredible!

    Ostensibly joined to research my grandfather’s WW2 service history. I do have a copy of his service records (sourced from The War Office back in 2005), since then my interest has been renewed and I’m digging into his unit history.

    Thomas C Wilson (Service Number 7375489) served with the RAMC, 167th Field Ambulance with the 56th London Scottish ‘Black Cats’. Theater of conflict was North Africa and Italy.

    I’ll post more in the appropriate sub-forum.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Hope the membership can help you out.
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    My apologies. You are correct - 'Scottish' is not in the title of the 56th. I have reviewed the content on the Wellcome Collection site and it is super stuff. Thanks.
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    Would be great if you found your grandfather there.
  6. Tom OBrien

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    Welcome to the forum. I've got some of the 167 Fd Amb war diary for autumn 1943. I can post up if you would like to see.


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    Tom, I’d love to see these diaries. Please post or DM me. Thank you kindly. RC
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    Apologies, but I know (from my records) that I did take photos from 167 Fd Amb war diaries in Nov 18 but now, frustratingly, I can't find them on my laptop hard drive. I'll see if I can look back on my old laptop and a few memory sticks tomorrow but at the moment it looks like I've lost the whole batch of photos I took during a day at Kew. :banghead:


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    Thanks for all your help folks. I’m going to start a new thread under the RAMC location and keep all the contributions in one spot - Service Records, Photographs [and any other material I may come across]. See you over there! :)

    7375489 Thomas Cunningham WILSON, Royal Army Medical Corps
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    Welcome to the forum

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