HALIFAX MkV LL 114 - Crash

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    Welcome on this forum Gilles,
    My neighbour Michel have sent your draft about the LL114 crew story
    I hope to see you, if you visit Autrans and the crash place in the next summer.
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    New Info about:
    F/S. James Alvin Taylor 19 years - RCAF Bomb Aimer

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    Hi Andy,

    For the benefit of every body, I tried to post the pictures of the Alouette squadron crew on the Tholtorpe base on this site, but it does not work. Feel free to post whatever pictures you can

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    Hello, I am French, excuse my english, please.
    I think that Johnson was an officer of SOE RF (with Forest Yéo Thomas and Eric Piquet-Wicks) and Cdt Lecointre was the chief of the 6th bureau of the BCRA (Col Passy).
    They prepared together the aérial opérations.

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    All JOHN Opérations where for R1 and R2 areas, The chief of SAP R1, R2, in France was
    Paul Rivière, aka Marquis. The sentence "De carnaval à mardi gras" indicated a message for him. The Paul Rivières's archives are at the CHRD in Lyon.
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    On a French document of BCRA, about the planning of operation for the nignt 3 to 4 february 1944 I can read theses informations:

    OP John 35: 12c - 1 libérator = 12 containers. "Liberator" is, I suppose, a generic name for heavy bomber like Halifax etc...
    OP Marc 7 : 6c - 1 Abermal or Abernal . 6 containers ok, but what is the meaning of Abermal ? A type type of aircraft ?
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    The nearest match I could find to an RAF WW2 aircraft is the Armstrong-Whitworth Albermarle, originaly concieved as a bomber, but by 1944 used as glider tug, parachute transport, and also a general & special transport aircraft. It took part in the invasion of Sicily, Operation Overlord, and Operation Market Garden.
    Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle - Wikipedia
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    I was working on some family history of Arthur Edward Reid (a distant cousin) on FamilySearch.org and did a Google search which led me to this page. Thank you for everyone's comments! The info and especially the photos really help to know more about him.
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    They were also sometimes used for special weapons drops to resistance, partisans etc which ties in with the French document
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