Harvard Lampoon apologizes after Photoshopped image of Anne Frank in bikini causes outrage

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Dave55, May 15, 2019.

  1. Dave55

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  2. Reid

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    I saw this pop up on my FB page via a NYT report, and my first thought was - how ignorant can society get?

    On the back of the recent "Bicciegate" in Germany (which the heiress has also apologised for), I'm beginning to wonder what is a) taught in school these days and b) are we so self involved that we can't see the problem? :banghead:

    I'm currently studying for a history degree and whenever I'm asked "Why would anyone bother with that!?", I point out examples of this type of ignorance and idiocy, while asking if they think such points of view are acceptable. They then get the point, but the fact they had to ask in the first place, doesn't promote their IQ much either . . . :-P
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  3. smdarby

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    I don't think "ignorance" is the issue here. The article shows they clearly knew who Anne Frank was and they have knowledge of the Holocaust. It's more a question of taste - they overstepped the mark. They did give a full apology, which is to their credit.

    Personally, I was far more offended by the over-privileged German biscuit heiress who wanted to buy yachts with the wealth she had inherited and tried to make excuses for her company using slave labour in WWII.
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  4. Reid

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    My bolding seems to be the order of today - make offensive comments however one likes and as long as an apology follows, all is right in the world. Seems the old adage "Any publicity is good publicity" is alive and well . . .

    And I do agree, the "over-privileged German biscuit heiress" certainly needs to receive the "Self Importance & Outright Idiocy in the Face of History" gong for this month.:rolleyes:
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  5. Dave55

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    Sorry but I don't think they deserve any credit for apologizing. Even it the subject wasn't Ann Frank, they used the memory of a murdered 15 year old girl for humor. Lots of college organizations have been shut down and banned for far less.
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  6. Rich Payne

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    Actually, my impression is that they are keeping her memory alive...They are treating her as a real person, or a real celebrity anyway and Ann Frank has become a celebrity, whether she would have wanted to be one or not.
  7. Slipdigit

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    To me, it is obscene and done intentionally.
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  8. canuck

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    I agree Jeff. Either a hidden agenda or a complete moron behind this.
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