Helicopter recovery of downed aircraft in Vietnam

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by David Layne, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Are you referring to W01 Joel Nicoll? He’s my dads cousin and we are trying to recreate his files/memory. I’d love to get in touch with anyone that knows more about his time there.
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    This last week I have learned a little more about the O1 Bird Dog that featured earlier in this post. It transpires that it was March 26th, 1970 that the aircraft came down. It crashed at, Fire Support Base Snuffy, located just 8 miles from the Cambodian border. Apparently, after we took the aircraft to Phu Loi the O1 Bird Dog O-17300 was transported from Phu Loi to the Australian unit the 161st IRF at Nui Dat by a Chinook from the 213th ASHC “Black Cats” where it was refurbished to flying condition.


    The rebuilt 17300 now resides in the Australian Army Flying Museum at Oakey Queensland.

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