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    Can someone give me some extra info about this helmet?

    I got this from my grandfather who found it on the streets during ww2! It’s from 1942, and I guess from the Canadian Army (Brodie Helmet)?

    Can anyone give me some more information please (price, exact model, the reason behind the black stripe in the middle,...)?

    Thank you in advance

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    It is a typical 2WW Helmet, Steel, Mk.2 (the added rim is the key difference). The colour looks like a deteriorated Light Green No.5 or Khaki Green No.3. The black stripe looks like it could be where remains of the black fabric liner covering has been put on top. Its coating deteriorated to a bitumen like stickyness and is usually seen as a ring where helmets have been stacked.
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    It's certainly a Canadian liner. VMC is Viceroy Manufacturing. The large strap lugs are more like the British Mk 11 pattern. By 1942, British helmets had smaller lugs. There should be some markings stamped in the shell...If it's Canadian, probably at the rear close to the rim joint.
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