Help deciphering a Royal Artillery Tracer Card!

Discussion in 'Unit Documents' started by David Swatton, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. David Swatton

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    download.png I have the Royal Artillery Tracer card of a chap I am trying to research. I'm more familiar with WW1 records than this WW2 record so this reads like so much hieroglyphics to me. Any help in deciphering the unit transfers would be much appreciated.

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  2. Richard Lewis

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    Hello David,
    Here's my interpretation:

    28/5/1942. 206 Heavy (Mixed) Anti-Aircraft Training Regiment
    6/10/1942. 573 Battery, 172 (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment
    18/12/1944. 608 Battery, 183 (Mixed) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment
    9/6/1945. 232 Army Troops Company Royal Engineers 21st Army Group.
    X(vii) List [See: X lists, service Records]
    5/6/1946. Class ‘A’ Release [standard release] Y/7 List [See: Info on Y List please]

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  3. David Swatton

    David Swatton Member

    Many thanks for this. That’s very helpful. I’ll now go on the hunt for the unit diaries.
  4. Derek Barton

    Derek Barton Senior Member

    David, 206 HAA Training Regt was at Arborfield Berkshire. 172 HAA were in Nottinghamshire for the time he was with them. 183 HAA were in southern England and then moved to Antwerp towards the end of 1944. They disbanded in June 1945.
    See the Unit pages on my site - Royal Artillery 1939-45

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