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    Hi all, came across this forum today whilst trying to find information relating to my grandmother's service records, and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    My grandmother served in one of the British military forces during WWII, and was in Belgium (possibly Bruges) between 1944-45. We've found multiple photos of her and some of her friends together in uniform, in photos labelled "Bruges" and with the years 1944/1945. Her name at the time (she was unmarried) was Lillian (not sure if 1 or 2 Ls) Greenbaum, of Golders Green, London.

    She received two medals, The France and Germany Star, and the King George IV medal. The medals were contained in a box with a return address labelled: O.i/c. Medical Services and A.T.S. Records, Winchester Barracks, Winchester, Hants. On the side of the medal box is what could be a reference number, but we were wondering if it might be her service number: A/262.

    From this we have deduced that she was likely in the ATS, but on searching the records can find nothing relating to her. How can I find out what service she was in, without paying for access to a service where she may not appear? I'm happy to pay to view her records, but don't want to pay to search if she's not definitely going to turn up in that search.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Ah ok, thanks for that. I did try searching the ATS remembered website, the Gazette, and national records using her name and various spellings of it, but that turned up nothing.

    Where would be good to post some of the pictures? She wrote on the back of a few of the pictures, including the first names of 2 of her friends in the picture with her (all in uniform). I'd love to be able to trace them as well, particularly if they're still alive. I'd love to be able to find out more about what they did.
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    Do you have an idea of roughly when she was born, parents names etc

    I have found a possible but it needs further information to confirm the right person, and you will need date of birth and date of death to obtain records -
    Birth details??
    Name: Lilian Greenbaum
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Goldberg
    Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1923
    Registration district: Bethnal Green
    Inferred County: Greater London
    Volume Number: 1c
    Page Number: 236

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    If you would like to post the photographs in this topic I'm sure that would be fine.

    Are you sure she didn't serve in any SOE type role?



    I presume the George VI Medal you mention will likely be the 1939/45 War Medal see list of WW2 medals via this link.

    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility - GOV.UK
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