Help required to identify missing badge on 79th armoured battle dress - Westminster Dragoons

Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by Magu, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Magu

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    Hello folks
    I came across this Battledress blouse recently which when I got it was missing all its buttons and two badges from the felt patch on each sleeve after research and assistance from the members of the British and commonwealth badge forum and the War relics eu forum its been ascertained with some certainty that the badge missing from the patch on the chevrons on the right sleeve is that of the Westminster dragoons subsequently I sourced a badge which fits the patch perfectly (even down to the trimming of the edges to follow the badge outline) however the patch above the chevrons on the left sleeve is proving difficult to identify .It is black felt and 50mm in diameter with two holes which go through to the inner sleeve in an east west orientation. There is also the mention in despatches oak leaves which are a pre 1920 variant and not worn on any ribbon .

    Does anyone have any ideas as to the missing badge
  2. Magu

    Magu New Member

  3. BFBSM

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    Not an expert, and just a suggestion. Could it possibly be that of the Westminster Dragoons?

  4. Magu

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    Hi Mark
    The badge on the right sleeve is that of the WD's and it was customary for the badge to be worn on the chevrons on the right sleeve only...the backing on the left sleeve is the one that is problematic it could have been a trade or skill badge and the only reference to a black felt circle in respect of D day formation signs I can find is that of 5 Commando 2 troop
  5. BFBSM

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    No worries, not knowing anything about it, was just a stab in the pitch black by a blind man.

    Mark :D
  6. MarkN

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    IWM hold several images of insignia and uniforms of the Westminster Dragoons. Looking through them might reveal your answer. For several years they doubled up as the 102nd Officer Cadet Training Unit.

    Mind you, that assumes the Westminster Dragoons connection is valid. It could be a battle jacket created post-war with an assortment of badges found at a jumble sale!!!

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